Aalto University Student Union to cancel mass events of autumn

The Board of Aalto University Student Union is cancelling the major student events in the autumn due to COVID-19. Academic dinner parties, pub crawls, student parties and festivals will not be organised as physical events. AYY is exploring the possibility of organising safe alternative events.


AYY Board has decided to cancel most of the events in the autumn due to COVID-19. As of 28 Aug 2020, public events will be organised only taking into account safe distances and hygiene practices instructed by Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and Regional State Administrative Agencies. Academic dinner parties (‘sitsit’), pub crawls, student parties and festivals are not organised as physical events because of the high risk of infection due to the nature of the events. AYY also instructs student associations to follow official guidelines.

Earlier in August, AYY announced the postponement of AYY10 Annual Ball and the anniversary week events to May next year and the cancellation of the physical events of Aalto Afterparty and Ota-Orienteering. In addition, the following events will be cancelled in the autumn:

Poli & Dipoli Appro

Stadisuunnistus Orienteering

ISOsitsit, International Sitsit, Sitsit for Freshmen and Singing Competition Sitsit

Teekkari Tradition Celebration and Herring Breakfast

Lakinlaskijaiset Party at Dipoli

Hugo Gala


Otaniemi Night of Arts

AYY is exploring the possibility of organising safe alternative events. During the autumn of 2020, the Student Union will mainly only organise events that are safe in terms of their concept, venue, size and number of participants and allow event organisers and participants to follow current guidelines issued by the authorities.

In AYY’s events, we will avoid situations that present challenges with practicing safe distances and good hand hygiene. Such situations include, for example, heavy alcohol consumption, singing closely together, or events gathering large crowds indoors.

“The safety of participants and event organisers is of utmost importance to us. Cancellations are unfortunate, but we do not want to take the risk of someone falling ill at our event. We are exploring alternative ways to organise safe events and maintain the sense of community”, says AYY Board Member Christian Segercrantz.


Further information:

Christian Segercrantz, Board Member (Community, Volunteers, Communications, Digitalisation) / [email protected] / +358 40 056 6668

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