Aalto University Student Union Board elected for the year 2021

At its meeting on Thursday, 26 Nov 2020, the Representative Council of Aalto University Student Union elected the AYY Board for the year 2021. The Board was elected in accordance with the proposal of the Former of the Board, Milja Leinonen. The meeting also elected Noora Torpo and Petra Ekroos as Vice Chairs of the Representative Council.
Kuvassa juuri valittu vuoden 2021 hallitus

Members of the AYY Board for the year 2021 are as follows:

Milja Leinonen, ELEC, Chair

Tuomas Poutanen, SCI

Julia Tofferi, CHEM

Rebecca Adrianzen, BIZ

Matias Saikku, ENG

Tiina Pajukari, SCI

Laura Nikola, BIZ

Sara Selonen, ARTS

Samuli Vehkomäki, ENG

Otto Usvajärvi, BIZ

”This composition, in my opinion, is the best one for facing the challenges next year, developing AYY and implementing the vision of the best student life in the world. I am very pleased that we have a good representation of students from different fields in the Board,” says Milja Leinonen, Former of the Board and Chair of the AYY Board 2021.

The Board will decide on its internal division of responsibilities at the beginning of next year. 

At the same meeting, the Representative Council elected Vice Chairs of the Representative Council for 2021. Noora Torpo was elected as the First Vice Chair and Petra Ekroos as the Second Vice Chair.


Further information:

Milja Leinonen, Former of the AYY Board and Chair of the Board 2021, [email protected]

Elina Nieminen, AYY Executive Director, [email protected]


Aalto University Student Union AYY is an advocacy and service organisation for approximately 14,000 Aalto University students of technology, business and arts. AYY represents the interests of its members, particularly in academic affairs and social affairs concerning students.

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