Aalto Amazing Race 2021

Aalto Amazing Race 2021 is here!

Aalto Amazing Race is a wild, adventurous race aimed for the Aalto first year students, where the fuksis get to meet other aalto students across different disciplines. During the adventure, teams propagate forward by solving various puzzles and hidden clues while battling against time. A glorious afterrace event awaits those who make it to the finish line.
The participants are divided into interdisciplinary teams by the organizers. If you want, there is a possibility to pick a single friend to join your team with you. The race itself begins on Thursday 21.10. Teams will be sent out with short intervals starting from 15.00 at Otaniemi, where they will gather their team and get the first clue.

Ticket sale begins next week on Monday the 4th of October at 12:00! The link will be published later in this event.
WHAT: Aalto Amazing Race 2021
WHERE: Start from Otaniemi
WHEN: 21th of October from 15.00 -->
TAKE WITH: clothing according to weather & HSL travel card
Let’s all remember to take care of ourselves and each other during these times. Even though the event takes place partly outside, let’s keep the following rules in mind:
- If you feel any symptoms of sickness or if you have been quarantined, stay home.
- We strongly encourage the use of face masks.
- We strongly encourage that you do corona home testing before the event.
- Install Koronavilkku (https://koronavilkku.fi/) on your mobile device and remember to keep bluetooth and the location ON during the event.
Aalto Amazing Race adheres to the Aalto University Student Union’s (AYY) Safer Space Policy. The event aims to be equal and comfortable for everyone. If you see or experience inappropriate conduct you have the right to intervene in the situation. If you wish you can also get in touch with AYY’s harassment contact persons [email protected]
The age limit for the event is 18.
The Amazing Race Aalto
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