Student health care reforms 2021 - digital services are expanding and the health care fee must be paid to Kela

The Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) fee has previously been paid in connection with the student union membership fee. From the beginning of 2021, the health care fee will be paid to Kela on your own initiative through the electronic services. In connection with the reform, the service network and digital doctor services will also expand. You can find the latest news and answers to frequently asked questions on the FSHS and Kela websites.
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What is the FSHS reform?

A long-term goal in the advocacy sector has aimed at covering all higher education students by the the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS), providing equal services and strengthening the position of the FSHS as a health care operator. At the beginning of 2021, the reform and the amendment will finally enter into force, which will cause a few changes from the perspective of Aalto students.

The primary service points are still located in Otaniemi and Töölö, but you can also use the expanded digital doctor services and remote services. Another change is that the health care fee will be paid directly to Kela. Previously the fee was paid in connection with the student union membership fee. In connection with the reform, opening hours will also expand when services will be available throughout the year, including the summer.

FSHS Reform 2021

What should the students do?

A degree student’s right to health care remains unchanged and you can still use the oral, mental and general health care services of the FSHS. It is important to pay the health care fee to Kela in order to ensure that the services are available to you. For the autumn of 2020, the health care fee was paid in connection with the student union membership fee. 

  1. Please check that you have registered to attend the spring term of 2021. Please register by 8 Jan 2021 and pay the student union membership fee.
  2. Pay the health care fee to Kela on your own initiative through Kela’s electronic services or bank transfer. 
  3. For the spring term, the due date is 31 Jan 2021 provided you have registered as attending by then.
  4. In case of any problems, please contact FSHS and Kela. AYY’s staff do not have access to their systems and cannot check whether you have paid the health care fee.
  5. Use the FSHS services as before or take advantage of more extensive remote and digital services.

More specific instructions can be found on Kela’s website:

PLEASE NOTE! The health care fee must be paid if you are a degree student attending in the spring term of 2021, regardless of whether you will use the FSHS services. Read more about exceptions on Kela’s website regarding exchange students, open university students and doctoral students:

YTHS muuttuu 2021

FSHS answers to frequently asked questions (external link)

Ask your own question and see the answers to the questions already asked. What will change in student health care and the expansion of FSHS?

Kela Fpa logo

Kela’s answers to frequently asked questions (external link)

Who must pay the health care fee? How do I pay the fee? Collection of the health care fee?

A few examples concerning different students

The above instructions are valid for both Finnish and international degree students who have registered for attendance. More detailed instructions for other groups can be found on Kela and FSHS sites, but here are a few examples concerning Aalto students.

Payment instructions for health care fee (external link)

Comprehensive instructions on Kela’s website. No bill will be sent, but you have to pay the fee on your own initiative twice a year.

Kela Fpa logo

FSHS Reform 2021 (external link)

What will be renewed in higher education students’ health care in early 2021?

YTHS muuttuu 2021

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