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Fonden för främjande av teknologverksamhet (TTER) delar ut bidrag till hela AUS medlemskår och till föreningar och sammanslutningar med anknytning till studentkåren.

TTER's goal is to support and activate student activities in the Aalto community in all its forms.

In particular, the fund values projects that encourage people to act and work together to create something new. The more Aalto members are able to participate in the project and enjoy its outcome, the better. Since the appreciation of the university and its students also depends on public visibility, the fund encourages to active communications both within and outside the Aalto community.

Grants can be applied for various events, publications and construction projects. TTER does not provide grants for basic activities, studies or salaries.

TTER was founded in 2006. Its initial capital was donated by the Fund for the Promotion of Teekkari Operations (TTEY). From the beginning of 2010, the fund was transferred in its entirety to the Aalto University Student Union.

More information on the fund and how to apply for grants can be found on its website.

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