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Welcome to Aalto University and the Student Union!

As a student of Aalto University, AYY is your Student Union. One of our most important tasks is to provide advice and guidance to new students. On this page, you can find important information for new students and some tips for the early stages of your studies.

A good way to get started is to have a look at the Aalto's Student Guide, for example, where you will find plenty of information on university studies, student services and your own degree programme.

In addition, you should take a look at the Member Services section on this website to find more detailed information on housing and the student card, for example.

You can find information specific to your own study field on the website of your School, as well as on the sites of associations representing your study field. Links to the association websites can be found here.

Checklist for New Students

Your life as a new student will go swimmingly as long as a few basics are in order. So, make sure to check off your list at least the following issues.

Before your studies start

  • Register for attendance and pay the AYY membership fee. Save your membership fee receipt and keep it on you until you receive your student card.
  • Pay their Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) fee to Kela (Social Insurance Institution of Finland), if you are degree student who have registered for attendance (reform from the beginning of 2021)
  • Order a student card from Frank. You can also download a digital student card Frank App or Pivo.
  • Apply for an AYY student apartment and get a roof over your head. Another good apartment provider for students in the metropolitan area is Hoas, the Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region. Of course, you can also look for an apartment on the private market, at or, for example.
  • Remember to submit a notification of change of address.
  • If you are entitled to benefits from Kela, apply for a study grant and the housing supplement on the Kela website. Remember to keep an eye on your income limits if you have any other income.
  • Look into the transport connections between your home and campus.

If you are an international student, make sure which practices apply to you in good time before you start your studies, for example here.

In the beginning of autumn/spring

  • Pick up your Design Notebook at AYY service point.
  • Get a public transport travel card from HSL service point and update it with a student status.
  • Do not hesitate to ask your tutor about anything troubling you.
  • Take part in the activities organised by your tutoring group, AYY and various associations and get to know new people – studying is a lot more fun in good company, too!
  • Get involved with association activities! AYY has a huge number of associations, which you are welcome to join. The associations include, for example, different subject organisations, recreational and study clubs, the Swedish-language student society Teknologföreningen (TF) and the guilds of technical students. The associations organise different kinds of events and bring together like-minded people.

Where can I find information?

  • AYY’s weekly newsletter – subscribe here.
  • AYY’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Like or follow to keep up to date. Also follow AYY Housing on Facebook and Instagram. if you want to know more about student housing at AYY.
  • Telegram channels AYY info and AYY events.
  • Design Notebook – the notebook and pocket databank for all Aalto members. Pick up yours at a service point!
  • Notice boards. Ads for various events appear regularly on the notice boards around the campus.

Whom can I ask?

  • Your own tutor / ISO person / Fresher Captain – they can usually guide you onwards.
  • Course staff / study advisor / tutor-teacher – the experts on study-related questions.
  • Any Student Union employee or Board member.
Opiskelija kirjastossa

Fall 2020 FAQ for Aalto international students

A collection of information of the most frequently asked questions and themes this fall 2020 for Aalto University's international students.

Fall 2020 FAQ for Aalto international students

Advocacy and Guidance

Have you been mistreated or harassed in your studies? Do you need help with coping with your studies? On this page, you will find help.

A big tree in front of metro station in the summer. A student walking by.

Frequently asked questions about housing and member services

Here you will find the answer to most of the questions the students have regarding housing applications, student cards and membership fees.

The services office and telephone service will be closed for summer from 5 July to 26 July. You can contact us by e-mail.

Frequently asked questions about housing and member services
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