Wiinaton Wappu

The heart of Otaniemi, Smökki, will once again pump with vibrant energy on the eve of May Day, hosting the most unforgettable wappu event – Wiinaton Wappu. Imbued with wappu atmosphere, there will be plenty of spectacles, fun company, and live music, performed by several bands constisting of the students of the SRO's music line. Of course, there will also be traditional wappu delicacies, such as doughnuts and sima.

All are welcome to the Wiinaton Wappu celebration, whether you are a student, have graduated, are yet to become one, or are just student-minded. Therefore, head towards Otaniemi on the eve of May Day and grab a friend with you! The event is free and is organised by the Guild of the Cross. It is non-alcoholic and starts at 20:00. Therefore, it is suitable also for families with children. While the primary language of the event is Finnish, all integral content and instructions are also provided in English. Welcome!

(Announcement to teekkaris! As is expected, when the bell rings twelve, the teekkari-caps will be put on, accompanied by the teekkari-hymn.)
Wiinaton Wappu 2023
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