Weekly Newsletter 8/2019

The Aalto community are us. Take a look at everything AYY and Aalto are in video format. https://youtu.be/WCR3eUDjV3M

If you have received a link to the AllWell? study wellbeing questionnaire, you still have time to answer it by 20 Feb! Note that everyone who answers the questionnaire will be sent personal feedback in March. Read more about the AllWell? questionnaire at https://www.aalto.fi/services/allwell-study-well-being-questionnaire-in-february-2019.

Week 8

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1. Teekkari culture in a nutshell

Who are these lively creatures with their traditions?

The Polytechnical Students’ Museum was temporarily closed for renovations in December. The exhibition and stories were packed into a documentary about the tech student culture, by the combined efforts of OUBS and our very own Museum Section and guides.

Free viewings every Sunday at noon, in Kinopoli, Otakaari 20 A. Subtitles in English, seats for 18 people, no reservations. For any questions and more info, please contact [email protected].

2. AYY: Art, coffee and activity on Tue 26 Feb at 5 pm

What if an art piece portraying the Arabia chimney was created in Otaniemi? Could the metro station be utilised to display student artworks? Should the AYY t-shirts be completely redesigned? What could Otaniemi Night of Arts look like this year?

What kinds of activities do you think the Student Union should organise in the art field? Come around for a cup of coffee, to bounce around ideas and to discuss the subject. The best ideas may end up as realised projects, and participation is fully up to what you are interested in and have time for. All Aalto students are welcome at the event, which is held on Tuesday 26 Feb from 5 pm onwards in Väre, in the Working Café opposite the Aalto University Shop between the building’s M and L blocks. Welcome!

3. Information on the Teekkari cap process

Following the establishment of Aalto University and the transfer of subjects, also other students than those of the technology field now participate in the Teekkari freshman education of Teknologföreningen and the Guild of Architecture. In October 2018, the Guild of Architecture and Teknologföreningen approached the AYY Board and the Teekkari Section with a letter expressing the wish to clarify the possibility of also other students than those of the technology field to receive a Teekkari cap.

The AYY Board made a statement on the topic in December 2018, and the cap concession process was prepared during January 2019. The Teekkari Section and the panel of the Guild of the Round Tower ry approved the process in the beginning of February 2019.

The process enables permission to wear the cap to be granted solely to freshmen who begun their Teekkari freshman education in autumn 2018 and whose degree does not lead to the title of Bachelor of Science (Technology), Master of Science (Technology), Architect or Landscape Architect.

The cap must be applied for separately, and both the Teekkari Section and the panel of the Guild of the Round Tower must approve the application in order for a cap to be granted.

This is a temporary operating model designed for use this spring only. Matters regarding the Teekkari cap will be readdressed once AYY’s community structures project is completed after the summer of 2019. The Teekkari Section has expressed the wish that there would be time to have the entire Teekkari community participate more actively in the readdressing.

Read more: https://ayy.fi/en/blog/2019/02/18/information-on-the-teekkari-cap-process/

4. Brainstorming workshop: 30 000 euros towards Teekkaris

Come brainstorm about what the scholarship donated towards promoting the Teekkari culture by the Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland (TEK) could be used on. The event begins with a concise presentation of the student survey’s results and the current status of the Teekkari culture and guild operations. All Teekkari students, acting volunteers in the guilds or at AYY as well as everyone interested in Teekkaris is welcome to join us for coming up with what to spend the money on. The best ideas will reach a lot of people and live on for years to come.

The brainstorming workshop takes place on Tue 26 Feb at 3–5 pm in the Undergraduate Centre, room Y115. The presentations are held in Finnish, but everyone is welcome to brainstorm in their own language. The facility is accessible, and more information is available from [email protected].

More information on the TEK donation: https://lehti.tek.fi/index.php/opiskelijat/tek-lahjoitti-teekkarikulttuurille-100-000-euroa (in Finnish).

FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/2328775227133195/


5. Summer jobs at Tieto in Finland now open! Application period 7–28 Feb 2018

Once again, Tieto has several summer trainee positions open across Finland. Join us and do it your way!

Join us next summer and surround yourself by future technology and awesome colleagues.  You decide how you work, and we’ll provide the tools – pursue your passions and let them inspire you. Check out Tieto’s summer job opportunities and apply now!

The application period will start on Thursday 7 February and is open until 28 February.

Apply now: www.tieto.com/careers/summerjobs

You can follow us on TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook to learn more about what we do. #tietolife #summerjob #vkd19


6. Omstart! The 30th production of Teekkarispeksi has its premiere soon – get tickets before they sell out!

The Teekkarispeksi of 2019 – Keinolla Millä Hyvänsä (“At Any Cost”) – takes the spectators to Prohibition-age New Orleans, where organised crime and the corrupt police force fight for power. In the midst of the Mardi Gras festival, a family business gets into trouble as a barber’s daughter gets mixed up with the police’s twisted exercise of power, while the voodoo doctor is scheming in the dark alleyways.

The premiere, which simultaneously acts as an anniversary performance, takes place on 19 Mar in the Peacock Theatre and the remaining Helsinki performances in the Alexander Theatre. Speksis are all-night musicals in which the hundred-strong creator crowd conjure up a one-of-a-kind show on stage that is altered every time with the audience’s omstart calls.

More information on the spring Speksi is available on our website and the FB event for the Helsinki performances. Tickets are available at liput.teekkarispeksi.fi.

You have to see this – at any cost.


7. Tapas Night – Festival con Sabor for Aalto master’s students on 22 Feb

Hola, all master’s students of Aalto! KY’s Masters’ Club is organising its first event of the year – Tapas Night – and we warmly welcome you all there! The night will include some drinks, tapas and good times with your fellow masters, as well as some surprise programme. Festival con sabor means festival with a taste, so it’s a perfect match for all you master’s students. Hope to see many of you at our event!

8. Sauna evening of the culture club of metal music lovers Metal Club Mökä on 22 Feb

Hello, you lover of rock and/or metal music! In the heart of Otaniemi, there flourishes the culture club aimed at all Aalto University students, Metal Club Mökä, whose goal is to bring together students who appreciate the metallic style of music. Besides listening to music, the operations of Mökä include all kinds of activities: we organise a monthly sauna party as well as slightly rarer gig nights where you get to listen to live music at its best.

Our next event takes place on Friday 22 Feb at Ossinsauna (Otakaari 18). The evening’s theme is our annual meeting and sauna bathing. This is an excellent opportunity for you to get to know the Mökä community and operations.

The annual meeting sauna on Friday 22 Feb at Ossinsauna. There will be some small snacks, punch and the best of companies on offer. Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/365273350721159/.

Also check out the Mökä Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/MetalClubMoka/) and website (https://www.mcmoka.fi/uudet/index.php/en/).

9. The world’s nuttiest downhill race and the winter’s liveliest appro on Shrove Tuesday, 5 Mar

On Shrove Tuesday, 5 Mar, we will be enjoying the happy atmosphere in a large crowd at the traditional Laskiaisrieha at Ullanlinnanmäki. There will be casual sledging, music, competitions and some awesome activities on the menu, and the day will be crowned by the legendary ABB Academic Downhill Race!

After the sledging, the party keeps going at the hugely popular Laskiaisappro. Joining the appro will get you to slalom your way through Helsinki on a bar crawl, all the way to the official afterparty of AYY’s Gravitaatio. Tickets will become available on the bailataan.fi website on Monday 18 Feb and, as we all know, you should act quickly as the event has sold out in previous years!

More info on Laskiaisrieha: https://www.facebook.com/events/1132008500340004/

More info on Laskiaisappro: https://www.facebook.com/events/2225130101093917/

10. Laskiaisrieha continues at Gravitaatio

Gravitaatio will once again upset the gravitational forces at the official Laskiaisrieha afterparty at the Apollo. Dive into the black hole and awake your inner beast from its hibernation in a deep-sea trench at the darkest party of March!

To reach the optimal gravitational acceleration, you are advised to get momentum for the evening at Laskiaisappro, whence gravitation will pull you towards the dark core of Gravitaatio!

  • What: Gravitaatio 2019
  • Where: Apollo Live Club
  • When: On Shrove Tuesday 5 Mar
  • How: Advance ticket 11 €.  kide.app 11 € + service charge. At the door 13 €.
  • Why: Biggest interdisciplinary student party of the year so far, amazing performers and the official afterparty of the Shrove Tuesday activities. You won’t want to miss this!

In cooperation with VT, Äpy, Radiodiodi and RWBK!

Times and places for ticket sales can be found on the event’s Facebook and website.

NOTE! The event is for over 18-year-olds.

More info: www.gravitaatio.fi // www.laskiaisrieha.fi (both in Finnish) // https://www.facebook.com/events/2296143920450164/


11. AllWell? 2019

The study wellbeing questionnaire AllWell? has been sent to all Aalto 2nd-year bachelor’s and 1st-year master’s students. Give us 15 minutes of your time – you will get personal feedback and help Aalto develop! The questionnaire is open until 20 Feb 2019. Your response will remain completely anonymous.

We will communicate the programme level results to the heads of the degree programmes. Development and improvement must be based on facts, which is why your response is crucial! Within one month, you will get personal feedback with ideas on how to improve your study skills.

The AllWell? project is a part of Aalto University’s strategy for 2016–2020. Its goal is to enhance student wellbeing by advancing the development of teaching, learning services and support for studies and better study skills.

AllWell2019 video

Get in touch: [email protected]

12. Sports tutor recruitment for 2019

The task of a sports tutor is to encourage new students to take up exercise. Sports tutors do not need to be ISOs, tutors or top athletes – anyone can apply, regardless of the stage of their studies! The important thing is having an interest in sports and exercise and a desire to work with new students.

Next autumn, a new sports concept will be launched in which different sports associations organise weekly sessions in which people can try out the different disciplines, and the idea is for the sports tutors to act as support for this concept. They would aim to help the sports associations organise their try-outs and to bring new students into the sessions.


  • You get to organise versatile sporting activities for new students
  • A free 4-month UniSport membership
  • Another 4-month UniSport membership if you stay active throughout the autumn
  • A Sports Tutor badge for your overalls
  • An interdisciplinary tutoring group

Application and further information: https://lomake.ayy.fi/aava/liikuntatutorhakemus-2019/

13. HyMinä group to start in March 2019!

The HyMinä group is aimed at all Aalto students who want to strengthen their skills in interaction, studying and managing the everyday life as well as their ­self-knowledge. In the group, you will have the opportunity to share your personal experiences and gain new points of view to support your wellbeing. You do not need more reason to join the group than your interest in going through the group’s topics. The group is Finnish-language and meets on six Wednesdays at 3–5 pm from 27 Mar to 8 May 2019. Participation requires you to commit to all meeting times and the tasks in between.

You can sign up for the group by sending your contact details by email to the FSHS nurse: elli.pekkola(at)yths.fi. After this, the nurse will interview the participants by phone, at which time you will also get more detailed information on the group.

More information on the group and the schedule: http://www.yths.fi/en/contact_details/units/espoo.


14. Join the Urban Gardening Association and apply for a plot in Otaniemi

Are you interested in urban gardening in Otaniemi? Apply for a plot now! The plots are 7–24 m2 in size and cost about 38–93 euros / year, including the association fee of 8 €. You, your groups of friends or your association can apply for a plot.

To apply, please fill in the form: https://goo.gl/forms/KiotBcJ3GQEhNtxM2 First come first served.

The last date to apply is 22 March, and we will let you know in the beginning of April!

You can reach us by email ([email protected]) or by visiting our Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/OtaniemiUrbanGarden/

15. Apply to the Kiuas Start Spring 2019 batch before 28 Feb!

Ready to turn your idea into reality in three weeks? Kiuas Start is an intensive 3-week pre-accelerator for people who want to turn their idea into a company.The programme is strongly focused on validation, product development, iteration and other topics that need to be taken into consideration in the earliest stages of a startup’s journey.

With the programme taking place mostly during evenings and weekends, Kiuas Start is also easy to attend if you are not yet working on your startup full-time.

We will offer you the toolssupport, and a perfect programme to take your idea to the next level. The rest is up to you.

Apply by 28 February at https://www.kiuas.com/start!

16. Helsinki Data Science Day on 21 Feb 2019

What employment opportunities are there for a modern-day data scientist and what does one do? Or is data science just a bubble full of hype?

Data Science Day is held on Thursday 21 February at Messukeskus. The day consists of 20–30 min keynotes from selected tech companies like OP, RELEX, Avaus and Accenture, in addition to the outstanding Sasu Tarkoma and Vlada Liukkonen as invited speakers from the wider community. During the day, our exhibition area welcomes visitors to network, engage and discover what the top companies in Finland can offer you.

Follow this event and visit our websiteTwitter or FB Event for news and announcements. The detailed programme will be released soon!

The event is free of charge.

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