Teekkariuden Tie

Have you ever wondered where all the red tiles in Otaniemi are from? Do you want to leave your mark in Otaniemi history? Come to be a part of Road of Teekkarius!

This event is a grand sport festive, which is inspired by the 1949 Tempaus! At the time, teekkaris carried tiles from Soviet Unions embassy which was destoryed in a bombing and took them all the way to Otaniemi to build the first student housings. Now the tiles are on the road again! We are going to walk from Hietalahden Tori, where you’ll get a tile to carry, to Otaniemi through Töölö and Munkkiniemi. When you get to Otaniemi, the tiles are used to make a community artwork in Teekkarikylä!

And because what would a sport festive be without supporters, we have tents on the way where you can get some warm drinks along the way. When back in Otaniemi at Alvari square, the 150th anniversary Teekkari Tradition Weeks will be declared to begin! So grab a friend/family member/neighbor/anyone with you and join us in making history!

More info will be announced later so follow us on social media!
TG/IG: @teekkarius150

WHAT: Road of Teekkarius
WHERE: Hietalahden Tori - Otaniemi
WHEN: Sunday 6th of November
Teekkariuden tie
Teekkariuden tie
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