Representative Council 7/2021

The Representative Council represents all members of the Student Union and exercises the highest authority at AYY.
Picture of the Representative Council voting.


  1. Opening of the meeting
  2. Recording the members and deputy members of the Council who are unavailable, disqualified, ineligible, resigned and present
  3. Recording lawfulness and quorum of the meeting
  4. Summoning two minutes reviewers and two vote counters
  5. Confirming the agenda
  6. Announcements
  7. Latest news from the office
    • A member of the Board presents the latest news from the office.
  8. Termination of Regulations for the Polytechnical Students’ Museum
    • Regulations related to the museum have been reviewed as part of the development project of AYY’s museum activities. During 2021, the activities and purpose of the museum were recorded in the Student Union Constitution, and the Student Union’s collection policy programme includes more comprehensive and usable practices on the accumulation, maintenance and use of student union collections. Thus, the Regulations for the Polytechnical Students’ Museum as a separate document is not only outdated but redundant.
  9. Final discussion on the association regulation update
    • Aalto University Student Union’s association regulation is updated as part of the community structure project. Possible solutions for the community structure project have been presented at the Representative Council meeting 2/2019 (28 Feb 2019). The group speeches held at the meeting 2/2019 have been used as a basis for the work in 2021. The Community Committee of AYY’s Representative Council and the Council, which convenes the chairs of special status associations, have also been involved in the process.
    • At the meeting of the Representative Council AYYE 7/2021, a preliminary debate was to take place on the association regulation in the form of group speeches. However, due to the lack of quorum, the AYYE 7/2021 meeting had to be cancelled and group statements could only be provided in writing. Group speeches were received from two RepCo groups, which have been used for further processing of the association regulation.
  10. The Plan of Action for 2022
  11. Economic review of association activities 1-9/2021
    • Presentation of the January-September budget monitoring to the Representative Council and an outline of the budget framework for 2022.
  12. Preliminary debate on the budget for association activities
    • The purpose of the preliminary debate is to present the budget process and to ensure that the intent of the Representative Council is heard in the preparation of the budget.
    • A questionnaire was sent to the Representative Council groups in October in order to explore the intent of the groups concerning the use of the tools identified and brought up by the office. The RepCo groups responded commendably to the questionnaire, the conclusions of which will be presented to the Representative Council. Some RepCo groups have stated that they will give a group speech on the matter at the RepCo meeting
  13. Preliminary debate on updating AYY’s scholarship administration
    • AYY’s scholarship administration refers to scholarship funds inherited from TKY (~€3M) and to the scholarship regulation, which defines the use of these funds in the scholarship allocation process. The main principles in the scholarship regulation have been prepared by TKY, and only minor changes have been made over the years (2012, 2015 & 2018). AYY wishes to update the scholarship administration, as many of the sections defined in the regulation are inadequate, outdated or too open to interpretation, and thus no longer serve their original purpose. The purpose of the update is to clarify the process and to correct the detected shortcomings drafted more than ten years ago. To this end, AYY should have a discussion of principle to clarify the common intent of the Representative Council on the direction of the update.
  14. Other business
  15. Closing of the meeting

Notice of the meeting and the official agenda can be found here.

Representative Council

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