Representative Council 6/2021

Aalto University Student Union’s Representative Council convenes for its meeting 6/2021.
Picture of the Representative Council voting.


  1. Opening of the meeting
  2. Recording the members and deputy members of the Council who are unavailable, disqualified, ineligible, resigned and present
  3. Recording lawfulness and quorum of the meeting
  4. Summoning two minutes reviewers and two vote counters
  5. Confirming the agenda
  6. Announcements
  7. Latest news from the office
    • A member of the Board presents the latest news from the office.
  8. Economic review on association activities 1-6/2021
    • The budget follow-up for January–June is presented at the Representative Council meeting.
  9. Appointment of a delegation to represent AYY at the general assembly of the National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL)
    • The Representative Council nominates a delegation to the general assembly of the National Union of University Students in Finland. The Board prepares a draft proposal for the Representative Council after hearing the RepCo groups. The delegation consists of the Student Union’s general assembly representatives with the voting power and their deputies. The Board holds an open call for the delegation.
  10. Preliminary debate on the briefing of the general assembly delegation of the National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL)
    • In accordance with the Student Union’s general assembly regulation, the Representative Council will hold a preliminary debate to the delegation representing the Student Union at the SYL general assembly. In the discussion, the Representative Council may, if it so wishes, issue binding instructions to the delegation.
  11. Reconsideration of COVID-19 subsistence allowances
    • At the AYYE 2/2021 meeting, Kylterirengas RepCo group expressed its wish that COVID-19 allowances approved at the AYYE 7/2020 meeting should be reconsidered if the appeal against the covid allowance decision is rejected by the Helsinki Administrative Court. These allowances for ARTS+BIZ students were granted last summer during the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic, and the allowances are “need-based and granted on a case-by-case basis to those AYY members whose loss of subsistence has been caused by the state of emergency”. It is more than a year since the application period, and the state of emergency caused by the coronavirus crisis is hopefully behind us. Therefore, the applicants’ current need for allowances should be reviewed. For example, AYY should clarify if some of the original applicants have already graduate or are employed and whether their current livelihoods are still significantly affected by the coronavirus crisis in general.
  12. Assignment of properties
    • According to AYY’s property policy, AYY can divest itself of a residential property or apartment, that it owns in part or wholly, that does not correspond to the criteria presented for AYY’s housing stock in the housing policy paper. With regard to non-profit properties other than residential properties, divestment is possible when they are no longer needed for the execution of AYY’s non-profit objectives. When a residential site no longer fulfils the criteria set in the housing policy paper, AYY must decide whether to continue ownership of the site, to sell the site or whether it will be changed into a profit-seeking one.
    • Divestment of a property is always a financially significant decision in accordance with section 38 of AYY’s Constitution. Preparation for the divestment of a property can be started with the decision of the Board in a situation where the residential property does not meet the criteria set for residential properties in the housing policy paper. In other cases, the decision to begin preparation is made by the Council.
    • AYY sells residential properties and other non-profit properties when owning them is no longer necessary from the point of view of the non-profit objectives of AYY. For that reason, AYY always seeks to obtain maximum profit from the sites that it sells. Student housing sites are sold in a way that is the most financially profitable for AYY, taking the possible restrictions of ARA into account.
    • AYY’s seven (7) properties will be assessed by external advisors for a possible tendering of real estate agents. Of these properties, six (6) are either exempt from ARA’s restrictions on assignment or are about to be exempt from the restrictions during the summer of 2021. The properties have restrictions on use based on land leases or land use plans and the properties for sale are located on rental plots. Most of the properties have, at least occasionally, low demand among members with the right of residence, and significant renovation investments will be needed in the future. Five (5) of the sites are located outside the 40-minute travel time specified in the policy paper. In some properties, extensive technical repairs are necessary. In others, repairs are only needed if AYY wants to increase the rent to the market level and offer the properties on free market.
  13. Appointment of Corporate Relations Council for the term 2021–2023
    • The Corporate Relations Council is AYY’s advisory body consisting of alumni who have graduated from Aalto University or its predecessor student unions. The role of the Corporate Relations Council is to help the Student Union to promote its corpore relations activities and its mission is to support the development of the Student Union’s financial position and to contribute to the ability of the student union members to find interesting jobs. The Corporate Relations Council has no operational powers.
  14. Other business
  15. Closing of the meeting

Notice of the meeting and the official agenda can be found here.

Representative Council

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