Representative Council 2/2022

The Representative Council represents all members of the Student Union and exercises the highest authority at AYY.
Picture of the Representative Council voting.


  1. Opening of the meeting
  2. Recording the members and deputy members of the Council who are unavailable, disqualified, ineligible, resigned and present
  3. Recording lawfulness and quorum of the meeting
  4. Summoning two minutes reviewers and two vote counters
  5. Confirming the agenda
  6. Announcements
  7. Stating the composition of the Representative Council groups 
  8. Election of the auditing firm for 2022 
  9. Appointment of the Chair of the Board and the Board for 2022 
    • At its meeting 1/2022, the Representative Council elected Otto Usvajärvi as the former of the Board. According to the Constitution, he must bring his proposal to the attention of the Representative Council three (3) days before the meeting. 
  10. Conditional: Election of the former of the Board 
  11. Establishment of the Representative Council Committees
  12. Election of Vice Chairs of the Representative Council for 2022 
  13. Other business
  14. Closing of the meeting

Notice of the meeting and the official agenda can be found here.

Representative Council

AYY live

At AYY live, you can follow the Representative Council meetings, among other things.

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