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Other Facilities

AYY’s members and associations can also rent a few facilities, which are not maintained by the Student Union.

Members can also rent other facilities, which include the Guild of Architecture’s cabin in Sipoo, the Maarintalo association room in Otaniemi maintained by Aalto University, the Studio maintained by Otaniemi Underground Broadcasting System OUBS, the band rehearsal room maintained by PELMU, and the Kinopoli cinema maintained by Audiopoli.

Guild of Architecture Cabin

The Guild of Architecture’s cabin is located on the shore of Särkilampi in Västerskog, Sipoo (Metsäkalliontie 46, 01120 Sipoo), around 25 kilometres from Helsinki towards Porvoo. The cabin is available for associations within and outside AYY. The rent of the cabin is lower for students of architecture or landscape architecture. The cabin is run by the Cabin Foundation of the Club of Architecture, more commonly known as “Majasäätiö”.


Further information is available on the Guild’s own website.

Maarintalo association room

Guilds and assoication can rent the 24/7 facility to hold meetings, play games and watch films. The facility is located on the second floor of Maarintalo (Sähkömiehentie 3, room 240–241). The space is free of charge for the student union members.


The same user terms apply to this facility as to other facilities rented out by AYY. The only exceptions are that you do not have to fill out a checklist for the room and the consumption of alcohol is prohibited.


The studio is a space of around 80 square metres on the basement floor of Jämeräntaival 1. It is maintained by OUBS.

The studio is normally available for use from 8am–11pm. Users must leave the studio no later than 11pm as the club room is located in the basement of a residential building.


Further information is available on OUBS’ own website.

Band rehearsal room

PELMU’s band rehearsal room is at Jämeräntaival 3.

Further information is available on PELMU’s own website.


Kinopoli is a 20-seat cinema with excellent equipment at Otakaari 20.

Further information is available on Audiopoli’s own website.

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