Polirytmi | Night of the Newcomers

The weekly jams of Polirytmi on Thursday 13.2. at 19:00. Groovy tunes, groovy friends, snacks and drinks!
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The time has come again for Polirytmi’s weekly Thursday jam sessions! After turning the decade all those who have rhythm in their bones should wander to the funky shrine of funkyness, Tiilihuone in Smökki, where the traditional Night of the Newcomers will be held on Thursday, 13th of February.

The Night of The Newcomers is an especially marvelous opportunity for freshmen, but also to all of those who want to attend the Thursday jams for the first time. The Night of the Newcomers is a low threshold opportunity for you to make groovy new acquaintances and to get to know all the ways and time signatures Polirytmi works in. We will play some tunes together while enjoying some snacks and drinks. Grab your instrument, dust your vocal chords and tag along!


Polirytmi thursday jam session: Night of the Newcomers. Jazz/soul/rock/funk/etc. Open jam session


13.2 at 19:00 and every thursday after that if not informed otherwise.


Tiilihuone at the back of Servin mökki (Smökki), check out the floor plan https://ayy.fi/jasenille/palvelut/tilojen-vuokraaminen/muut-tilat/servin-mokki/ or follow the sound!


We have chosen a couple of songs beforehand which we will play first, we provide the sheet music. After those we can play whatever we feel like!

More about our jazz association: www.polirytmi.fi

Event in facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/630772067671816/

If you are still unsure about something, the best way to find out is to come to the Night of the Newcomers, so see you there! Groove on!

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