Polirytmi Newcomers' Night

Whether you're a seasoned veteran at jamming or have never jammed before but want to learn, you're welcome to join us! We will have a drumset, keyboard, bass, guitar, percussions and microphones setup ready to use, but you are also welcome to bring your own instrument. Join the mailing list to find out some of the songs we will be playing beforehand if you want to practice.
Polirytmi playing live music outside Smökki

The greatly beloved Outdoor Jams are making their long-awaited comeback, this time combining forces with Polirytmi's traditional Newcomers' Night!

The Newcomers' Night is an especially marvelous opportunity for freshmen, but also to all of those who want to attend the Thursday jams for the first time. It is a low-threshold opportunity for you to make groovy new acquaintances and to get to know all the ways and time signatures Polirytmi works in. We will play some tunes together with all who wander to the funky shrine of funkyness. Grab your instrument, dust your vocal chords and tag along!

Here are a few predetermined songs if you want to take a look at them beforehand:
Dry cleaner from Des Moines
I Wish

More about our jazz association: www.polirytmi.fi

If you are still unsure about something, the best way to find out is to come to the Night of the Newcomers, so see you there, or alternatively send an email to [email protected] ! Groove on!

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