List of associations

Vocational clubs

Vocational clubs are associations specific to each field, offering eg. events and networks to support their members in their professional and academic life. If you cannot find the association you are looking for here, check if the association is listed under subject clubs.
Akva logo


Akva is an association for students in the field of water and environmental engineering, welcoming in anyone with an interest in water and the environment. Akva was established in 1997 and a lot has happened in its short history.

The main objective of Akva is to bring its members closer together – this includes members who are still studying and who have already graduated – and closer to companies in the field of water engineering. Akva organises various events for its members, including excursions to interesting destinations in Finland and abroad, sauna nights and other get-togethers, often with visitors representing the university or other interested parties.

Akva is a registered student association, working closely together with companies in the field of water and the environment and AYY. Most of the members are students at Aalto-university. 

Linkki ry logo

Ammattiainekerho Linkki ry

Linkki (originally known as Liikenneakatemia, “Transportation Academy”) is an association for Transportation Engineering students, as well as Highway and Railway Engineering and Spatial Planning students of Aalto University as well as other people interested in the subject. It functions loosely under the Guild of Surveying Engineers and cooperates with several companies in the field.

The association was founded in 1994. By now several activities have established themselves as traditions:

Annual Transportation Academy Day with a certain theme and outside experts as speakers.
Annual British Sauna Night for visiting students from the University of Leeds.
Pizza and Beer sitsit
Participation in the biennial Väylät & Liikenne transportation conference in Finland.

Besides these, there are of course many more one-off events! Highlights include visits to the depot of Helsinki Metro and Helsinki-Vantaa airport, and every now and then we seem to get invited to sports matches for free…

If you wish to learn more or join the club, feel free to contact the board. 

Cele logo

Club Electronica

CEle, Club Electronica, is a traditional electronics students vocational subject’s club. Our members have easy and enjoyable opportunity to come to make a direct acquaintance with the industry and other interested get-togethers a couple times per semester. So whether you’re already in the industry or perhaps thinking about your course direction or major, welcome!


Crust ry

Crust is the multicultural student association created by students and alumni of Aalto University’s Creative Sustainability Master's programme. Reflecting our multi-track degree programme, our community is multidisciplinary and includes students from design, chemical engineering, and business. The purpose of Crust is to build community, have fun together, and share experiences and ideas surrounding sustainability.

The association organizes events and supports Creative Sustainability students in organizing additional events with fun and wellbeing at the core. We consider our shared values of sustainability central to all our activities. If you are interested in sustainability activities, international community, and multi-disciplinary collaboration, you are welcome to join our community!

Elokuvataiteen opiskelijat Klaffi ry

Elokuvataiteen opiskelijat Klaffi ry

Klaffi is the association for students studying in ELO Film School Finland. Our main mission is to represent our students an get their voice heard in ELO, TOKYO, AYY and the Aalto University in general. We also create and help to organize events for students.


Real Estate Economics students’ Association Fundi ry

Fundi ry is Aalto University's students’ Association for Real Estate students. Our function is to create and maintain co-operation between companies and students in the Real Estate sector.

We are the only student-focused association operating in the Real Estate Economics sector in Finland, and at the same time, the best and most effective way to contact future talents in the field.

Fundi offers its members possibility to spend time with people who have same interests in real estate economics. Take part with other members in our social evenings, excursions and golf activities.


IDBM Klubi

IDBM Klubi is more than a subject club – we’re a student driven community of business, design and technology professionals with diverse cultural backgrounds. Our network consists of more than 600 students, graduates and friends of the International Design Business Management (IDBM) masters program (, living and working all over the world.

We are thinkers and doers united by an innovation-driven mindset and passion for meaningful impact. By crossing the boundaries between disciplines IDBMers integrate multiple perspectives and approaches to create long-lasting value. 

KÄY logo

Friends of the User

Friends of the User (Käyttäjän ystävät) is an open group for everyone who are interested in usability, user experience, user centric methods and service design. We promote networking amongst the students and professionals by arranging excursions and other more casual events.

By following our channels you get more information about the job opportunities and education related to usability.

You can join Friends of the User here!

LRK logo

LRK – Shipbuilder’s club

LRK is a club for students studying Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering in Aalto University School of Engineering. LRK is established in 1947 and today it has more than 50 active student members. LRK is managed by the board, which consists usually of 10 persons.

LRK’s main goal is to take care of students social contacts to University and Finnish shipbuilding industry. LRK is part of NTHS, an association for all five similar clubs in Scandinavia. LRK arranges many kind of activities for students around year, such as excursions in Finland. Over the years LRK has also arranged many excursions to foreign countries.

Generally LRK is well known of it’s good spirit, active members and well arranged events. LRK has also good contacts to many graduated students, who yet have leaved University behind.

Lämpövoimakerho logo

Lämpövoimakerho (Energy Engineering Club)

Energy Engineering Club (LVK) unites students who study and are interested in energy technology and all things related to energy. The purpose of our club is to help energy technology students get to know each other, give them an opportunity to develop their own professional skills and offer the industry a chance to get to know the students. Yearly we do a wide variety of activities including excursions around the world and in Finland. Read more from our webpage!

MKR logo

Geotechnical and Rock Engineers’ Club

The Geotechnical and Rock Engineers’ Club (Maa- ja kalliorakentajat ry in Finnish, or MKR for short) was established in 1946 to link students interested in geoengineering to each other. The club facilitates successful relationships and cooperation between students, alumni, and companies in the domain of civil engineering (especially soil mechanics, foundation engineering and rock engineering).

We put together sauna events, geotechnical excursions, and other wonderful opportunities to have fun. You are welcome to send any questions about events, the club in general, or becoming a member to mvr-hall (at)

MAIK logo


MAIK is an association uniting the Aalto University Guilds of Surveying engineering, Architecture, and Civil engineering. The purpose is to create relaxed collaboration and networking with other students that in the future will be working closely together in the same field.

Every year MAIK organizes traditional events, such as a sitsi-party in the fall term and a cruise to Stockholm in the spring. Becoming a member of MAIK gives you a chance to take part in these amazing activities! The membership is totally free, and it can be done in our website at

Vista logo

Landscape Architecture Student Association Vista

Landscape Architecture Student Association Vista is a non-profit registered association whose purpose is to promote the role of landscape architecture in Aalto University as well as in all parts of Finland. The association collaborates with different companies related to landscape architecture, other student associations as well as with the Finnish Association of Landscape Architects MARK.

Vista organizes events for its member, such as excursions, company and site visits and evening activities. Vista’s activities are open for everyone interested in landscape architecture. In addition, Vista participates in student advocacy and the reception of new students. The web magazine Ravista is available on Vista’s web site.


Poligoni ry

Poligoni is a student association in Aalto University for people interested in geoinformatics.
Most of our members are studying geoinformation technology (GIS), cartography, photogrammetry, remote sensing or geodesy.
Our main goals are to promote our field to new students and to connect students and organizations. Exchange students are welcome to join our events!
We organize excursions to companies, sauna evenings and other events related to our field, and our events are always held in English! We have also an annual seminar every autumn of hot topics in the field of geinformatics. 

Plätty logo

Polin lääketieteellisen tekniikan yhdistys

Plätty (Eng. Pancake) is an organisation for students interested in biophysics and biomedical engineering. The name is abbreviation for “Polin lääketieteellisen tekniikan yhdistys” which loosely translates into Organisation of Biomedical Engineering in Polytechnic (university).

Plätty gathers together all the persons who have interest in biophysics and biomedical engineering. It creates and maintains students’ relationships with teachers, industry and researchers. Plätty also takes care of students’ benefits and raises their knowledge about the field.

Plätty organises various events including speaker events and excursions to the industry and research departments of the field. The speaker events typically have some topical theme and professionals from industry and research are invited to give high quality and informative talks; also beverages and snacks are often served. Furthermore, Plätty organises excursions to the relevant research departments and companies from the industry.

The idea to establish new organisation for students interested in biophysics and biomedical engineering woke in the spring of 1993: the guild of Physics was getting too large and was unable to offer major-specific events and activity for the older students. The idea woke interest among students and got support from the department of biomedical engineering. Subsequently, Plätty was founded at  the autumn of 1993.

Plätty has approximately 250 members including students from physics, bioinformation technology, electrical engineering, chemistry etc. Plätty has also more rare beings as members such as medicine students and graduated students. As the healthcare needs professionals from various fields, Plätty upholds interdisciplinary.

Puumekanistikerho logo


Puumekanistikerho (the Club of Mechanical wood) is a student association for students of wood technology and those interested in wood engineering. The association organises events for its members, varying from excursions to parties and other pastime events, and acts as a link between the students and the wood engineering industry. The association warmly welcomes all AYY-members who are interested in the wood-based material.

Rakennesuunnittelun ammattiainekerho Vääntö ry

Structural engineering club Vääntö

Vääntö is a club for structural engineering students of Aalto University School of Engineering. Everyone who is interested in structural engineering, buildings and construction are welcome to join. Club was originally founded in 2006, but started to operate again in 2021.

We organize fun events and excursions for our members together with our sponsors and also co-operate with our university and professors. 

Ropo logo

Construction management club - ROPO ry 

ROPO is a club with long traditions, that brings together students interested in construction management. The objective of ROPO, is to be a meeting place for students and newly graduated masters in engineering. We organize events that are both fun, and academically and professionally rewarding.

ROPO is a registered society that operates within Aalto university student union (AYY). Our club was founded in 1981, and since then we have had long, colorful and eventful journey to what we are today.

ROPO provokes discussion on any and all subjects that concern the construction industry. We organize seminars, sauna-events and frequently visit companies that operate in construction. We have very active and close relations with our alumni.


Rethinking Economics Aalto

Rethinking Economics Finland is part of an international network of students, academics and professionals building a better economics in society and the classroom. We promote pluralist thinking in economics. Rethinking Economics connects people across the globe to discuss and enact the change needed for the future. 



SISTA ry is the student association for interior architecture students in Aalto University school of Art, Design and Architecture. We welcome every interior architecture minded person as our member! Our main goal is to improve communication between the students and the program and organize happenings that ease up connecting to working life and create positive vibe in our community.

SVTK logo

Electrical Power Engineering Club 

Sähkövoimatekniikan kerho (SVTK) is Aalto ELEC’s subject club for electrical power engineering. The club was founded in 1977.

SVTK arranges e.g. sauna evenings and visits to companies, S, V, T, and K-competitions, alumni evenings and sitsis. 

Teekkarien lvi logo

HVAC engineering club

HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) engineering club is an association for Aalto-University students who are interested in HVAC-technology, building services and energy technology in buildings. As a member of HVAC engineering club, you can participate in many kind of activities, like excursions, social evenings, seminars, building fair etc…  HVAC-club has almost 70 year old history as a link between students and business world. You will also meet other HVAC-students, and share great time together!

Tuote logo_uusi


Tuote, or Tuotekehityksen Opiskelijat – Tuote (Students of Product Development), is an association whos mission is to support and connect people studying or interested in product development. Tuote wants to bring together students from all disciplines and to work as a platform for interdisciplinary networking. We want to bring new opportunities to our members, and to make product development more visible and easily accessible in the university.

VTK logo

Aalto University Production Engineering Students (VTK)

Aalto University Production Engineering Students (VTK) is a club for all Aalto University students studying or just interested in production and manufacturing engineering. The club keeps its headquarters in the mechanical department of Aalto University in Otaniemi, Espoo and is completely run by students.

The club acts as a link between the students, alumni, school staff and companies in the field. It supports its members with their studies and creates opportunities for networking through various events and company visits. This is all made possible through long traditions, good contacts and a very active teaching staff.

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