Lakinlaskijaiset 2023

🌊What better way to end the teekkari cap season than the traditional Lakinlaskijaiset on September 30th! You are of course welcome to come to the depths of Dipoli and enjoy top artists even if you don’t own a teekkari cap.

Ticket sales to Lakinlaskijaiset will happen on Wednesday 20th of September between 8.00-11.00. If there are unsold tickets after this, the rest of the tickets will be sold on on Thursday 21st of September.

More information about the event and tickets can be found on Telegram @lakinlaskijaiset 🔱

Lakinlaskijaiset is an event that's fair and equal to everyone, and no form of harassment is tolerated. The event adheres to AYY's safer space policy ( However, if you experience any unpleasant behavior or harassment at the event, you can contact AYY's harassment liaisons at [email protected].
Lakinlaskijaiset 2023
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