Kiltakoitokset / Battle of Guilds

The fourth anniversary year event is placed at the end of the two weeks of celebration, when guilds challenge teekkaris to participate in the battle of guilds on 17th of November!

During the battle of guilds, the participants get to compete in different kinds of games hosted by different guilds to find out who is the most interdisciplinary student of them all! The event has three different leagues which determine how many games you participate during the day. The sign up is coming up later so stay tuned and follow Tekkarius150 on social medias!

If you are not participating in the games yourself, you can come to Smökki and enjoy the event from there while getting to see how the players are doing. We can already taste the victory cup of coffee!

And that’s not all! As it should be, after this amazing battle for championship, there is going to be an afterparty at Smökki. The afterparty will be open to all regardless if you were competing or not. See you on Teekkari Tradition Weeks!

What: Battle of Guilds, one of the anniversary year events
When: 17th of November
Sign up: TBA, follow us on social media!
TG/IG @teekkarius150
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