The title of Ikiteekkari (Eternal Teekkari) and entitlement to use the Ikiteekkari chain is the most valuable token of honour in the Teekkari community. The title and chain of Ikiteekkari can only be awarded to a former member of the Student Union of Helsinki University of Technology or Aalto University Student Union, and it can be held by one person at most at a time.

In the days of TKY, the honorary title of Ikiteekkari was only awarded twice – back then, these decisions were made by the Student Union’s Representative Council. In 2009, TKY made an agreement with the Guild of the Round Tower (Pyöreän tornin kilta ry, or PTK) that in the future, PTK will award the title of Ikiteekkari in the association’s meeting. Both the rules of TKY and those of PTK require a considerably broad unanimity among the decision-making body for awarding the title of Ikiteekkari.

The chain of Ikiteekkari is kept on public display in the Polyteekkari Museum or another location decided by PTK that is visible to students.

Ikiteekkaris through the ages:

  • Vuorineuvos Krister Ahlström (1940–), appointed to Ikiteekkari in 2012
  • Vuorineuvos Björn “Nalle” Westerlund (1912 – 2009), appointed to Ikiteekkari in 2002
  • Professori Bernhard Wuolle (1876 – 1962), appointed to Ikiteekkari in 1956
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