Great Urban bA!ttle

This Great Urban bA!ttle gathers together the most playful fortress builders and indoor game enthusiasts to fight for the territories of the Otahalli gym! 🤸🏼‍♀️🤾‍♀️⛹️‍♂️

Teams of 15-30 players use the sport’s hall equipment to build their fortresses and hide their game “diamond” into the fortress. As the game begins, teams try to sneak into the opponent’s fortress to steal the hidden treasure. However, the players are under constant fire and getting hit by a ball puts the player aside to wait for rescue attempts.

The game rules can be read by here (in Finnish):

Come along with friends or on your own to experience the number one game of primary school PE lessons. We’ll form the teams on the game site. No previous experience with games is needed and the games are relaxed and fun! Games can accommodate a maximum of 90 people! The registration starts on Friday 22.9. at 2 pm
After the games, the event has a free sauna after event for participants, where you can take a sauna, refresh yourself in a hot tub, and relax in the spirit of Friday.

WHAT? Great Urban bA!ttle🏐
WHERE? Otahalli gym (Otaranta 6), multipurpose C court, after sauna in Rantasauna
WHEN? Fri 6.10. at 12-14, sauna 14->
PRICE? Free!
DRESS CODE: Sports Clothing
SIGN UP: Friday 22.9. at 14:00
Suuri KaupunkisotA!
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