Freshmen Pesis by OtaKoppi!

Welcome to play Finnish baseball with new students on on Tuesday September 21st at 17 to 19.
Tervetuloa OtaKopin fuksipesikseen!

OtaKoppi organizes Finnish baseball for all new students in Aalto on Tuesday September 21st at 17 in Tapiola, Tuuliniitty field. Everybody are welcome, no matter the skills or the background! If you have your own equipment please bring it, but you can also borrow them from us. 

You'll hear more of OtaKoppi's activities and meet other students who are interested in Finnish baseball. During the two hour event, we will warm up, practice throwing and hitting as well as set up an actual game!

OtaKoppi is Aalto-University's Finnish baseball organization with men's and women's teams that play in official leagues. In addition, we have more relaxed team for men and we organize relaxed playing sessions. OtaKoppi's membership is free for all students and you'll get all necessary information to your email.

Check out the event in Facebook!

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You can find OtaKoppi from AYY's association listing!
Huispaus 2017
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