Dinner in the Dark - Pimeät Pöydät

ESN Aalto invites you to this fantastic blindfold dinner full of wonder. Experience this unique opportunity to get to know new friends while not yet having an idea of their physical appearance. Share with them a delicious three-course meal made of secret ingredients which you get to guess!

During the dinner, you will get to put the rest of your senses to the test while being deprived of your sight! We've prepared exciting games for you to try out your senses of smell, taste, touch and hearing.

Our goal is to entertain you, but also to raise awareness about various disabilities and impairments with a positive outlook focusing on opportunities!
We kindly ask the participants to bring a scarf or something to cover their eyes. We'll try our best to accommodate your dietary requests for allergies and other reasons, so that's not something to worry about!
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