Autumn's Songleader seminar: Storms&Seals

*This event and its program is held in Finnish. Information regarding food and schedule of the evening will also be provided in English during the event.*

The mythical CthLuTcu has awakened from its deep slumber and the waltz of the ancients is playing in the dark. Help us protect our community and ensure that the seal lives at the end of the night. This roleplay oriented sitsit is full of variation as the dice will define the fate of your party.

LuTku proudly presents: fantasy-themed songmaster seminar on Thursday 5.10.2023! The upper doors of Otakaari 20 tavern open at 18 and the gong rings at 18:30. There is room for 50 and on the registration form you can mark if you want participate as a bystanding NPC or if you want to take part in the flow of events. DC for the evening is epic fantasy and there is possibility to go sauna during the afterparty. More info & questions: @lukkaritirehtoori in Telegram.
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