Association newsletter for week 52/2018

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This is the AYY association newsletter for week 52/2018

Christmas holidays around the corner! In the year’s last newsletter, we are reminding you again about the Association Guide containing some great reading for Board members and those preparing financial statements (item 3). Also remember to add your new Board members onto the associations’ mailing list (item 1) and to apply to AYY’s sections if you are interested in interdisciplinary activities and event organisation (item 7). Wishing you all a relaxing Christmas holiday!

Upcoming events and important dates for associations

22 Dec onwards: AYY’s Services Office on Christmas break
31 Dec: Application to AYY Committees ends (item 7,
2 Jan onwards: AYY’s Services Office returns to normal opening hours (detailed opening hours:
11 Jan: Registration for Winter Day checkpoint organisers ends (
15 Jan: Association training in Mikkeli
15 Jan: Winter Day (

Contents of the newsletter

1. New Board members onto associations’ mailing list and into Tahl
2. Organise a checkpoint for Winter Day on 15 Jan 2019!
3. Here you are – the new Association Guide!
4. AYY’s guide for event organisers
5. Group ticket sales for Teekkarispeksi now open – bring your association to watch our 30thanniversary performance for a discounted price!
6. Store traces of your association operations in history
7. Committee applications ongoing until 31 Dec

1. New Board members onto associations’ mailing list and into Tahlo

Many associations’ operators are changing with the new year, and it would be important for them to receive association-related emails via AYY’s associations’ mailing list as soon as the year begins. Please remember to add your successors onto the list here: You should also check that your Board’s mailing list is forwarded to the right persons to smooth out the transition phase.

For other possible contact needs, it would also be good to have all Board members’ contact details in the Tahlo system of AYY’s association register. Using your association’s log-in details, you can add the contact details via the Board tab: While you are at it, you can introduce your successor to using the system and remind them of the association notices ahead in March.

Also, updating all of your association’s log-in details when the new operators come in is probably wise. These small touches will help you kickstart 2019 that little bit smoother!

2. Organise a checkpoint for Winter Day on 15 Jan 2019!

Snow, frosty temperatures and the new year mean that Winter Day is back again! As usual, checkpoint organisers are needed for Winter Day, and all associations, guilds and ISO persons are warmly welcome to organise one for the freshmen. The crawl takes place on Tuesday 15 Jan 2019, and the checkpoints open at 2.30 pm and close at 5.30 pm. The Otaniemi saunas will be heating up from 5 pm onwards, and the afterparty starts in Smökki at 8.30 pm.

You can register as a checkpoint organiser until Friday 11 Jan 2019 using this form:

There is more info on the event on Facebook:

If you come up with any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

With regards,

Noora Salminen
Freshman Major
Aalto University Student Union AYY
+358 50 4687157 | noora.salminen(a)

3. Here you are – the new Association Guide!

This year, the Organisation Sector has been working on the new Association Guide, and it’s finally ready! The Guide features a multitude of information that associations operating within AYY need to support their operations. The themes cover founding an association, its financial management, administration and equality alike. And plenty of other things! In addition, the extensive Materials bank helps you find essential external sources of information. Right now, the sections regarding the financial statement are particularly topical for many.

The Association Guide can be found here:

It is advisable to go through this website carefully at the beginning of your term in office and to keep returning to it along the way. Feedback is definitely welcome, as there are always little things to fix. There are still a few sections missing from the Swedish and English versions, but these will be uploaded as soon as the translations are completed.

You can also find the materials from 2018’s association training here:

In the future, you should first look for answers in the Association Guide and only afterwards contact the Organisation Sector: jarjestoasiat(a)

4. AYY’s guide for event organisers

The AYY Event Organiser Guide is finally ready! The Guide contains a huge spread of information all the way from event organisers’ legal obligations to an event safety checklist, equality and environmental issues, crisis communications, first aid instructions and many other guidelines important for event organisers. For now, the Guide can be read here, and early next year, we will get back to which parts of the new website the Guide will be added on.

Right now, you can find the Event Guide here, in the Association Guide’s Materials bank: (in Finnish)

5. Group ticket sales for Teekkarispeksi now open – bring your association to watch our 30thanniversary performance for a discounted price!

Next spring will witness the premier of the 30th Teekkarispeksi of all times, and we wanted to do something really special in honour of our anniversary. Hence, we are inviting you and your association or guild to see our 30th anniversary performance at the stunning Peacock Theatre on 19 Mar 2019!

Groups of more than 10 persons get a 10% discount on tickets for the anniversary performance, so this is your chance to get a group together and come enjoy the spring’s hottest dose of culture. Group tickets can be easily reserved by email at [email protected], and they can all be paid with one invoice. Teekkarispeksi is performed in Finnish. Ticket prices and the theme of this year’s Speksi can be found at (in Finnish).

6. Store traces of your association operations in history

Is it easy to forget archiving? What is it necessary and worthwhile to archive in the first place? Now is a good time to grab hold of the topic, before many of the operators change.

The archive of Aalto University Student Union offers the associations operating within it storage space, equipment and advice on archiving. Archiving is meant to give future operators a vivid idea of the association’s operations. It is worth archiving all self-produced materials relating to the association’s operations as well as other materials that might interest the next generations, all marked appropriately. Tips for limiting your archiving can be found, for example, on the Yhdistystoimijat website (in Finnish).

What is important is that archiving is kept in mind and executed throughout the year. Don’t be afraid to ask for some tips and contact arkisto(a)

7. Committee applications ongoing until 31 Dec

Application to AYY’s committees is still open until the end of December! You can apply to become part of, for example, organising big parties with the Party Committee or the Afterparty Committee, Quidditch and Humans vs. Zombies with the Outdoor Sports Committee, the Student Union’s annual ball with the Annual Ball Committee or the manifold celebrations of the Teekkari Tradition Week with the Teekkari Tradition Committee. In the committees, you will get to work on all kinds of things in an interdisciplinary group while learning lots about project management, group dynamics and event marketing alike!

Apply at!


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