Apply to SYL’s General Assembly Delegation or to candidacy for the SYL Board!

The National Union of University Students in Finland SYL represents university students in national decision-making.

The National Union of University Students in Finland SYL represents university students in national decision-making. The operational plan and policy paper guiding SYL’s influencing work are approved in the General Assembly, in which also the Union’s Board is elected. The General Assembly of 2019 will be held in Lahti on 15–16 Nov 2019. SYL’s General Assembly offers an excellent view into the student movement as well as the national advocacy improving the everyday life of students.

At the General Assembly, AYY is represented by a delegation consisting of 14 General Assembly representatives and their deputies entitled to vote on behalf of the Student Union. The Board will appoint the delegation after hearing the Representative Council groups.

“As a delegation member, you get to influence the direction of the student movement. It is important that the voice of Aalto people is heard even in national discussion,” remarks AYY’s Chair of the Board Tapio Hautamäki.

Those chosen for the General Assembly Delegation are expected to attend the advance meetings related to the General Assembly. The first training for the delegation takes place on 16 Sept 2019 at 5–7 pm.

You can apply to the delegation until 11.59 pm on 25 Aug 2019 at:

You can learn about the regulation guiding the operations of the General Assembly Delegation here.

Application to become AYY’s candidate in the SYL Board is also open!

In accordance with AYY’s General Assembly regulation, the Student Union’s Board appoints the candidates for the SYL Board after hearing the delegation or the Representative Council groups. The members and Chair of the SYL Board appointed at the General Assembly 2019 will hold their positions for the calendar year 2020. Work in the SYL Board is a full-time job.

Freely formatted applications can be sent to [email protected] by 11.59 pm on 14 Aug 2019.

More information: Heikki Isotalo, Advocacy and Communications Manager, tel. 040 575 9092, heikki.isotalo (at)

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