Student Mental Health Day & Guild Room Tour

There will be a lot of cheerful spring activities about students’ mental health and well-being! Fluffy alpacas and therapy bunnies are bringing a spring atmosphere to Alvari Square from 11 am to 1 pm. In addition, there will be free Wappu sima and munkki for all those who come to visit! 🍩

At Alvari, you can also chat with the Aalto Starting Point of Wellbeing (SPW), visit the campus wellness route starting at Alvari Square which opens at 11 am, and check out the short film screenings of Oasis of Radical Wellbeing with popcorn. 🎬🍿

During the afternoon, the guild rooms of student organizations of Aalto, or kiltis, are also open for all Aalto students to visit in the form of a relaxed Guild Room Tour. During the tour, you can get to know different guilds, participate in fun activities and buy, for example, your missing guild patches! You will get a map for Guild Room Tour from Alvari Square! 🎟

WHAT? Student mental health day & Guild Room Tour
WHY? Alpacas, sima, munkki, well-being, short films, and getting to know the guilds!
WHEN? Wednesday 19.4. from 11 am to 4 pm
WHERE? In Otaniemi Alvari Square in front of AYY's central office, as well as in guild rooms (you can get a map for the guild room tour from Alvari Square).
Opiskelijoiden mielenterveyspäivä ja kiltiskiertelyt
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