Have you forgotten your New Year’s resolution to get a gym membership? Doesn’t the gray slush outside inspire you to go for a jog?
Sporttiapprot 11.-24.3.

Don’t worry! Aava’s Sports and Wellbeing Committee is here to help and is once again organising the popular SporttiApprot. We now invite you and other Aalto members to rediscover your motivation for exercise through a variety of sports try-outs!
The try-outs last for about one hour and are held over a two-week period, so the most enthusiastic participants have time to try out several sports.

Registration and more specific timetables can be found here.
Also join our Telegram group.
The group provides more information on the try-outs and notifies you of the available places!

P.S. If the joy of exercise alone is not enough to get you off the couch, it’s still worth signing up for the try-outs to get the amazing overall badge!

WHAT? Sports try-outs
WHEN? 11–24 Mar 2023 (2 weeks)
WHERE? Otaniemi/Helsinki

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