Sparkling Sauna Day

To celebrate the opening of the saunas at AYY's sauna premises, the Community Section Aava invites every Aalto student to enjoy the most beloved leisure activity of Finns, going saunas!

During the event, you can visit most of AYY's large sauna facilities, take relaxing and cool baths with your best friends and new acquaintances. During the evening, you will also get to know several committees under Aava through various checkpoints.

Saunas and checkpoint maps will be distributed at the start of Sauna Day at 5 pm onwards in front of AYY's central office.
By visiting all the saunas and completing each sauna check, you will get yourself a sauna-themed overall thingy!

What: Aava's Sparkling Sauna Day 7.3.
Where: Otaniemi, Start in front of AYY's central office (the side of Alvarinaukio)
When: Tuesday 7.3. from 5 pm onwards
Why: You can go to the sauna again in AYY facilities!
DC: Overalls, towel, swimsuit
Image of a sauna
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