Positions of trust and volunteers elected for 2021

AYY employs more than 150 volunteers and trustees each year. Decisions will be made in late autumn and early next year. This news will be updated with the people elected to positions of trust and volunteers for 2021 when the decisions are confirmed.
Ihmiset juhlimassa konfettisateessa

The board has, in its meeting 3.12.2020, decided on the section and following committee chairs: Teekkarius150-steering group, Editorial Board of Teekkarilauluja Songbook and Acknowledgment committee.

The board has, in its meeting 21.12.2020, decided on the sections, their members, and the rest of the committee chairs.

The board has, in its meeting 14.1.2020, decided on the recruited committees that are under the sections and the chairs.

Elected persons

Updated 14.1.2020

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Vihreäksi sävytetty kuva, jossa näkyy paljon ihmisiä museolla.
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Renewed Museum of Student Life brings together student cultures of Aalto community

The museum, maintained by Aalto University Student Union, has been renewed and the museum will have a new name. The museum formerly known as the Polytechnical Students’ Museum will be called the Museum of Student Life.
Turkoosilla pohjalla valkoiset kysymysmerkit
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Frequently asked questions about housing and member services during summer 2021

Here you will find the answer to most of the questions the students have in the spring and the summer regarding housing applications, student cards and membership fees.
Map of Otaniemi and locations of new housing project
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Real estate sector working on new housing projects in Otaniemi

Plans for the construction of student housing on Miestentie and Otakaari are progressing at different stages. In total, up to 1,000 new apartments are planned for Otaniemi. Depending on the progress of zoning and other plans, it is possible that all projects will be completed during the 2020s.
Otaniemen kampuksella fukseja orientaatioviikolla.
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Organising safe events - guidelines for AYY’s associations

These guidelines include AYY’s instructions and recommendations for associations on how to organise events during COVID-19.