Positions of trust and volunteers elected for 2021

AYY employs more than 150 volunteers and trustees each year. Decisions will be made in late autumn and early next year. This news will be updated with the people elected to positions of trust and volunteers for 2021 when the decisions are confirmed.
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The board has, in its meeting 3.12.2020, decided on the section and following committee chairs: Teekkarius150-steering group, Editorial Board of Teekkarilauluja Songbook and Acknowledgment committee.

The board has, in its meeting 21.12.2020, decided on the sections, their members, and the rest of the committee chairs.

The board has, in its meeting 14.1.2020, decided on the recruited committees that are under the sections and the chairs.

Elected persons

Updated 14.1.2020

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Letters for moving residents

Are you moving in or out of AYY’s apartment? Did you receive the information letter for new/leaving residents in your email? If not, you can check the current reminders here.
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Castle wardens no longer have master keys - give a spare key to your friend next door

At its meeting 6/2021 today, the AYY Board has decided that castle wardens will no longer have the master key. The Board will clarify more resident-friendly options to the door opening services provided by the maintenance company.
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AYY has selected the Student Representatives in Administration for 2021

The Board of Aalto University Student Union has selected the Student Representatives in Administration for 2021 in its meeting on 17 Dec.