Otakaari 18

The buildings at Otakaari 18 were built in two parts. Buildings B and C were completed in 2004 and were joined ten years later by building A.
Otakaari 18
Otakaari 18

Facelift renovation and installation of blinds 2023/2024

In staircases B and C at Otakaari 18, surface materials have recently been upgraded, and kitchen fittings have been partially renewed. The renovation also involved updating light surfaces in the apartments, including floor renewal, wall painting, and replacing kitchen and fixture doors. In the bathrooms, fittings, faucets, shower wall and silicone seams have been renewed. Additionally, blinds have been installed in all apartments across the staircases, providing privacy and helping to keep the apartments cooler during the summer heat. 

Parking spaces

The property has 18 poleless parking spaces, some of which are located roadside. Ossinparkki next to the property includes 77 poleless parking spaces. 

Housing in the vicinity of student community 

Otakaari 18 is located in the heart of the student community, next to Servin Mökki, known for its student gatherings. While there may be occasional noise from celebrations heard through the windows of apartments facing the venue, loud partying at Servin mökki should finish by 1 am.  

The following apartments are particularly affected by potential noise from the surroundings:
Otakaari 18 A: 90–91, 99–100, 108–109
Otakaari 18 B: 9–12, 20–24, 32–36, 39–43
Otakaari 18 C: 50–55, 62–67, 74–79, 82–87

Basic information 

Address: Otakaari 18, 02150 Espoo 
Year of construction:

Stairwells B and C 2004

Stairwell A 2014

Energy Class:

Stairwell A: E (2018)

Stairwells B & C: F (2018)

Floors: 4
Apartments: 138
Internet: Included in the rent, speed 1/1 Gbps
Water: Included in the rent
Electricity: Included in the rent for shared apartments; otherwise residents must sign their own electricity contract
Sauna: Yes
Lift: Yes
Laundry facilities:


Reservations can be made at: domo.ayy.fi

Shared spaces within the property Bicycle storage
Rescue plan https://www.pelastussuunnitelma.fi/pelastussuunnitelma/1765-tky-6-ossinlinna/
Property maintenance company Maintenance
Residents' committee  Residents' committee 
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