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The student overalls are a garment worn mainly at student parties. Overalls are usually worn by university students and students of universities of applied sciences. The student overalls are often an easy outfit choice for various student events – by wearing them, you can protect the clothes underneath from dirt and do not have to spend time on choosing what to wear.

Cloth badges are often collected on the overalls as souvenirs of different student events and the other students met at these, with whom badges have been exchanged. The colouring of the overalls and the emblem of the institute or student organisation on the back express their wearers’ place of study and degree programme. In some student circles, it is customary to exchange part of the overalls’ leg with the person you are dating.

The overalls originally became more common in Sweden through the local sitsi culture. In Finland, the first manifestations of student overalls were the construction site overalls acquired by the students of the Guild of Civil Engineers as a group in connection with the construction of the Teekkari Village. Almost at the same time, also other stunt overalls were used in connection with various Teekkari stunts. Overalls landed among the guilds in Otaniemi around the end of the 1970s, and at KY, the first “painter’s” overalls were seen at the Mursujaiset of 1979. In general, it is Teekkaris who have made overalls a familiar sight in Finland.

At Aalto University Student Union, student overalls are worn especially by Teekkaris and Kylteris. The colour of the overalls tells which field their wearer is studying. In the School of Arts, Design and Architecture, it is important for the students to be their own individuals, which is why the overalls are not worn as commonly.


Colours of Aalto students’ overalls per study field

  • Guild of Architecture: painter’s white
  • Guild of Automation and Systems Technology: purple
  • Guild of Bioinformation Technology Inkubio: reddish-brown (= brown) overalls with white cow spots
  • Guild of Physics: off-white
  • Guild of Information Networks Athene: olive-green
  • Guild of Mechanical Engineers: pink
  • Guild of Surveying Engineers: matte black with a fuchsia sleeve and pocket
  • Prosessiteekkarit: blue overalls with red and yellow stripes on the sleeves and legs, to remember the old guilds of the School of Chemical Technology
  • Guild of Civil Engineers IK: dark blue with a green sleeve
  • Guild of Electrical Engineering: pure white
  • Guild of Computer Science: shiny black
  • Guild of Industrial Engineering Prodeko: white overalls with annually changing rainbow stripes
  • Teknologföreningen: technical-red
  • Aalto University Business Students (KY): dollar-green
  • Probba (Mikkeli Business students): dollar-green


Other overalls featuring in the Aalto community:

  • Overalls of the old guilds of the School of Chemical Technology: Red for the Chemistry Guild, bottle-rack-blue for the Guild of Materials and Metallurgy Students and yellow for the Forest Products Guild
  • Guild of Surveying Engineers (those who started before 2014): matte black, with a burgundy sleeve for students of Real Estate Economics and a green sleeve for the students of Geomatics
  • Guild of Civil Engineers (those who started before 2014): dark blue, with a green sleeve for students of Environmental and Civil Engineering


First of May coats of Nuoret Designerit

Even though overalls have not reached as much popularity in the School of Arts, Design and Architecture as in the other fields at Aalto, one of the School’s organisations has created their own garment for the First of May. The student organisation of the Department of Design Nuoret Designerit [the Young Designers] ry, or NuDe for short, have been commissioning eye-catchingly stylish First of May coats for its members since 2016. The first coats were sewn of fabric donated by Vallila in the pattern of the classic lab coat. The print changes yearly, but the coat gained its name from the first print, Vallila’s Vappukukka [First of May flower]. NuDe’s First of May coats are the most legendary (and the only) official student accessory of the students of the industrial arts field at Aalto.


You may also notice the following about overalls:

  • The overalls have a leg in a different colour.
    • It is customary among students to exchange overalls’ legs with the person they are dating. So, if you see, for example, rainbow-patterned overalls with a pink leg, they probably belong to a student of Industrial Engineering who is dating a Mechanical Engineering Teekkari.
  • Green overalls have a furry collar.
    • It is customary for Business students in the Culture Section to add a furry collar to their overalls.
  • Green overalls have white fabric around the brachium.
    • Business students in the Cultural Committee add this detail to their overalls.
  • There is a colourful string around the wearer’s waist or hanging from their shoulder down to the hip. At times, a tassel may be hanging from the string.
    • These often tell that the student is somewhat of an organisation active. The colour of the string / tassel tells in which committee the person is or has been active.
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