Mantan lakitus 2023

Something special is happening this year: it’s Aalto University Student Union's turn to crown the Havis Amanda statue on 30 Apr. Join us in this great celebration at the Helsinki Market Square!
The Student Cap itself has already woken up from its winter sleep and started its journey towards Manta. Follow the journey towards Manta on Instagram @mantanlakitus.
Who will be crowning the Manta statue? For the first time, AYY has its own crowning team, Team Manta, which was recruited at the end of the year. The interdisciplinary team consists of Aalto University students. Team Manta has been planning and working on the crowning since 2022. Something big will happen!

Schedule :
16:00 Event begins
16:00 AaltoDJ
16:15 Akystic x Kyppendales
17:00 Mantan pesu
17:15 Boston Promenade
18:00 Lakitus
18:00 AaltoDJ
18:30 Event ends
Mantan lakitus 2023
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