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You can obtain a domain for your association or event through AYY. Domains are available in the formats and .fi.

If you use Otax web hotel or the Wordpress service, we can provide you with a free domain in the format <association/abbreviation> In practice, the first part can be anything at all, as long as it is not already taken.

You can obtain a domain by sending a request to the address [email protected]. Please include the name and abbreviation of your association, and the address to which the domain should direct. 


It is also possible to order -fi domains through AYY if your association is registered in Finland. The price of a domain is €10 per year, and domains can be ordered from one to five years at a time.

When applying for a .fi domain, applicants must ensure that it the domain is available and that it is not in breach of the Domain Name Act (Verkkotunnuslaki 228/2003)

The law states that a domain may not be a registered name or trademark that belongs to another party. You can check registered trademarks using the links below:

You can apply for a domain by filling out the domain application form.

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