Humans vs Zombies Autumn 2019

Human Vs Zombies Poster

THE END IS NEAR. A massive catastrophe is hitting Otaniemi in a monstrous form. Is this the end of humanity? Will you survive through the fall?

Humans vs. Zombies is a moderated game of tag where zombie players try to spread the infection by tagging human players. Humans can in turn protect themselves by hiding, fleeing or fighting back (using socks or foam gun darts to "stun" zombies). Exciting missions and quests will be available every day.

Since teamwork is often the best strategy players are guaranteed to meet new people. HvZ players will get to know ably the Otaniemi campus area, so it’s great for freshmen! By using shortcuts or routes of diversion, you’ll walk around paths and places you don’t normally use during school day so you’ll gain a whole new perspective on the campus as well.

So join the fun! Spread the hype! Come help make a great game by being a great player. And the best part: Participation is completely free. The organizers will provide the game scarf and ID-tag for you. All you have to do is sign up, show up and play.

Check our fb-event for more information!

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