Scoring of Applications

Applicants are placed in the housing queue in the application order according to the scoring below. You can apply for additional scores for your housing application. To apply for additional scores, you must attach the document based on which you are applying for the scores to each of your application.



1. Internal transfers

Moving from AYY’s apartment to another AYY’s apartment (the same housing queue). If the applicant is granted the score for internal transfers, other sections in the scoring instructions are not considered.

+5 scores

2. Urgent need for accommodation

These scores only apply to single room apartments. The maximum of two scores may be granted for one application based on the urgent need for accommodation. In order for scores to be granted, a certificate on the urgent need for accommodation must always be submitted.

Urgency scores are awarded for individual cases and they are valid only until the first apartment offer or when the urgent need for accommodation ceases to be valid. If the applicant rejects the offer or lets it expire, they lose their urgency scores.


  • Applicants outside the surrounding municipalities.
    Surrounding municipalities = Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen
  • Fixed-term rental agreements (ending within 6 months)
  • Notice of termination by landlord
  • Homelessness
  • Other special cases with the decision of the Housing Committee.

+2 scores

3. Child/certificate of pregnancy

Applies to studios in shared apartments, studios, two-room apartments and larger apartments. For the following children or certificates of pregnancy +1 score.

+4 scores

4. All applicants are AYY’s members with the right of residence

Applies to two-room apartments and larger apartments

+1 score

5. First-year students

For degree-students. The score only applies to shared apartment queues. The first-year student’s score is valid for 6 months. The order of applicants with the same score in the first-year student application process will be drawn.

+1 score

6. Exchange students

The exchange student score applies to exchange students and international students who temporarily reside in Finland and are comparable to exchange students. The score only applies to shared apartment queues. The order of applicants with the same score based on the exchange student score will be drawn.

+1 score

 7. Medical certificate

By filing an application to the housing committee.

+0-6 scores

Property and income are determined in accordance with ARA’s tenant selection guide.  

8. Property

  • Shared apartments and studios: the applicant’s property is over EUR 64,000.
  • Two-room apartments and larger apartments: total property of applicants is over EUR 79,000.

– 1 score

9. Monthly income

  • The applicant’s monthly income is over EUR 3,000.
  • Total monthly income of the applicant household is over EUR 5,100.

– 1 score

10. Suggestion of friends for shared apartments

  • Internal transfer +5 scores and the suggestion of a friend +1 score. Considered for the shared apartment where the person who suggested the friend lives.
+6 scores

11. Returning resident

  • Internal transfer +5 scores and the urgent need for accommodation +2 scores. Considered for the housing group from which the applicant has left for student exchange, internship, military or non-military service, as well as for shared apartments.
+7 scores

12. Friend swap

  • Internal transfer +5 scores multiplied by two. Considered only for the apartment, which the friend swap concerns.
+10 scores


Housing Committee

The Housing Committee is a body that addresses housing-related complaints, appeals and proposals, and contributes to the settling of housing-related disputes. On this page, you will find information on the Housing Committee, instructions for contacting the committee, and the list of the housing committee members.

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