Fyysikkospeksi 2019: Suo anteeksi

Come and see the seventh student musical done by the Fyysikkospeksi.

More information and tickets: www.fyysikkospeksi.fi
Fyysikkospeksi 2019: Suo anteeksi - poster

Fyysikkospeksi 2019 takes the viewer on a tour of recent history, to a small rustic town in the Finnish countryside, next to the middle of nowhere. The calm meandering passage of time seems endless until it doesn’t; Levees protecting a harbored grudge break and long bottled resentment flows freely. An inexplicable source of darkness floats over the amber waves of grain. Ultimately, one question remains: which is thicker, blood or the murky muddy waters of the wetland?

Show times (Louhisali, Tapiola):

Thu 17.10. at 7pm
Fri 18.10. at 7pm
Sat 19.10. at 5pm
Sun 20.10. at 5pm
Mon 21.10. at 6pm

Show in english (Dipoli, Otaniemi);

Tue 19.11. at 6pm

More information and tickets: www.fyysikkospeksi.fi

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