Debate School Session 1

Eager to learn persuasive speaking skills and be ready to stand up to speak in front of any audience? Want to learn what competitive debating is all about? Welcome to Debate School hosted by Helsinki and Aalto Debating Societies!

Debate School is a three-session program where our top debaters and speakers will guide you through standing up to speak, making logical arguments and finally creating an entire debate speech. We will teach you useful concepts of speaking and practice skills together. The focus is on the core: being able to speak convincingly in any situation in front of any audience – skills that we believe benefit everyone in their studies and work life.

This first session will focus on making a persuasive argument and standing up to speak. We will explore the world of reasoning and persuasion and learn how to be confident when standing up to speak. After the event, we will enjoy refreshments and socializing at the venue. The venue is located in Töölö, Mechelininkatu 3D.

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Debate School 1
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