Call for applications for student representatives in the Doctoral Programme Committees of Aalto University 

AYY has decided on 1 October 2019 to open a call for applications for student representatives in the Aalto University Doctoral Programme Committees for the year 2020.

Aalto University Student Union (AYY) has decided on 1 October 2019 to open a call for applications for student representatives in the Aalto University Doctoral Programme Committees for the year 2020. All students of Aalto University are eligible to apply. The descriptions of the different organs of trust contain more detailed information about possible requirements and restrictions. The call for applications opens on 2 October and closes on 31 October 2019 at 11.59 pm, by which time the applications must be handed in. The application is done via the electronic application form available at The application instructions and the regulations for student representatives can be found on the Aalto University Student Union website at

The doctoral programme committee shall 1) develop the content of the doctoral programmes and the joint studies offered by the school; 2) put forth proposals to the school academic committee on the fields of research in doctoral programmes; 3) prepare proposals for the dean on admission of doctoral students; 4) appoint the preliminary examiners of dissertations and decide on the permission for public defence of dissertations; 5) appoint the opponents for doctoral dissertations; 6) evaluate the dissertations; 7) appoint the examiners of licentiate theses; 8) evaluate licentiate theses; and 9) perform other duties assigned to it by the dean or in the degree regulations. 

In addition, the doctoral programme committee shall, unless it has assigned the chair to decide on any of the matters: 1) appoint a supervising professor and advisor(s) for the doctoral student; 2) decide on the degree language of the doctoral student and on the topic and language of the licentiate or doctoral degree; 3) confirm the study plans of doctoral students; 4) decide on the time and language of the of public examination of the doctoral dissertation and appoint the custos for it. 
Student representatives in administration, ordinary + debuty 

  • Doctoral Programme Committee in Business 1+1 

Any person with a right to complete a postgraduate degree at Aalto University is eligible for selection.

The names of the applicants and their applications may be handed to the associations of Aalto University Student Union for the purpose of giving recommendations when choosing the student representatives in administration. The Board of Aalto University Student Union chooses the student representatives by 5 November 2019. 

The Student Union also wishes international students and students of all genders to apply for the student representative positions. The selection will follow the requirements of the Administrative Procedure Act, the Act on Equality Between Women and Men, and the Non-discrimination Act. 

Criteria for selection 

The selection decisions are made based on the applications, which are written in the field on the application form. The application should clearly show the applicant’s field of study, School, experience relevant to the position, and their ability to hold their position for the duration of the term of office. The criteria used for selection include interest in and commitment to the task, proven knowledge of influencing work in an administrative organ, and contacts to students via e.g. organisations or other types of activity. Representation from different fields of expertise or study, and the stage of the candidates’ studies, are also taken into consideration when making the selection.  

In Otaniemi, on 1 October 2019 

Aalto University Student Union Board  

Further information and help for applying: 

Minna Mäkitalo , Specialist, Academic Affairs , [email protected], +358 50 520 9438  

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