ASC x Lagoom Clothing Swap

Our first event of the new semester will be taking place on October 16th! We are collaborating with Lagoom, a clothing swap app, to organize a clothing swap event so that you can clean out your closet and exchange them for other pre-loved items; and to of course prolong the life cycle of clothes. Come over to join our first in person event!
ASC x Lagoom Clothing Swap

How to participate: 

  • Bring the items that you no longer use to the venue
  • Exchange them for swapping points
  • Use your points to get other pre-loved garments from other participants. 

Please note that all items must be in good condition as they should bring joy to someone else =)

The event is assisted by Lagoom - clothes swapping app, and a project by Aalto’s alumni. 

To simplify the process, you can now download the Lagoom app and do the pre-swap. 

  • Upload photos of your clothes to the app before the event and have your points assigned to you in advance. 
  • You can use points to reserve ítems that you like and then pick them up at the event!
  • With the app, you can exchange your clothes at any time with other Lagoom community members. 

The app is available on App Store and Google Play. 

Downloading the app is optional. You can just come and swap your clothes in a traditional way. The Aalto Sustainability Club and Lagoom Team will be there to help.

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