Aalto University Student Union Board elected for 2020

AUS styrelsemedlemmar för året 2020


Aalto University Student Union Board has been elected for 2020. AYY Representative Council elected the Board at its meeting on Thursday, 28 Nov, based on the proposal of Olli Kesseli, the former of the Board.

The following persons were elected to the Board:

Kesseli, Olli, Industrial Engineering and Management

Himanen, Joel, Engineering Physics and Mathematics

Johnson, Emily, Spatial Planning & Transportation Engineering

Kivioja, Tarmo, Mathematics and Operations Research

Leinonen, Milja, Bioinformation Technology

Saira, Kimmo, Mechanical Engineering

Shamsul Amri, Daud Imran Bin, Collaborative & Industrial Design

Segercrantz, Christian, Engineering Physics and Mathematics

Torpo, Noora, Engineering Physics and Mathematics

Videman, Tua, Industrial Engineering and Management


”The Board now has a tremendous amount of expertise in the fields of community, advocacy, real estate and working life. The board members also include two international students. I see AYY’s future as more accessible to all of our members,” says Kesseli, the former of the Board.

Nine of the board members are technical students and one is an arts student. There were no business students among the candidates. This is the first time that Aalto University Student Union Board includes international students.

The Board will decide on its internal responsibilities at the beginning of the next year.


Further information:

Olli Kesseli, Former of the Board, tel. +358 40 688 7711

Elina Nieminen, Executive Director, tel.  +358 50 520 9415



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