Aalto Amazing Race 2023

Aalto Amazing Race 2023 is here!🤩

Aalto Amazing Race is a wild, adventurous race aimed at first-year students in Bachelor’s and Master’s in Aalto, where the fuksis and master’s fuksis get to meet other Aalto students across different disciplines. ✨ During the adventure, teams propagate forward by solving various puzzles and hidden clues while battling against time. 🧩⏱️A glorious after-race event organized by KYS awaits those who make it to the finish line. 🪩

The participants are divided into interdisciplinary teams by the organizers. If you want, there is a possibility to pick a single friend to join your team with you - make sure, that both of you wish for each other. The race itself begins on Thursday 26.10. Teams will be sent out at short intervals starting from 16 at Otaniemi, where they will gather their team and get the first clue. 🎉
Ticket sale begins 6.10 12:00. at https://kide.app/events/fcdc3fde-cea5-4e54-9f03-aac7a4d36605 🔥

WHAT: Aalto Amazing Race 2023 🗺️
WHERE: Start from Otaniemi
WHEN: 26th of October from 16 →
TAKE WITH: clothing according to weather & HSL travel card
PRICE: 7,50€

❓In case you have any questions, contact @tuukkare on Telegram.
Aalto Amazing Race 2023
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