The Guild of the Cross: Daniel Ottoson – Far from home....Close to God (englanninkielinen ilta)

Life in a world that is increasingly "global" ensures that many of us will spend at least some significant period of time, perhaps even a signifcant portion of our lives, living and working somewhere far from the familiarity and security of our home country and culture. In this talk we will consider how the biblical theme of "exile" can help us to face the realities of and to flourish in a land far from home.

Daniel Ottoson is from the United States originally and has lived in Finland for 16 years with his wife Anne, who is Finnish, and their four children. Daniel and Anne have also spent two years living and working in Nepal. Daniel serves as one of the pastors of United Community Church.

This time the guild evening will be held in English. The programme starts at Maarin building association room (Sähkömiehentie 3, 2nd floor, rooms 240–241) at 19:00 as usual, but you may start arriving already at 18:30. The event ends with a free evening snack and a devotional.
Hagar sent away from home with her son Ishmael.
Camille Corot: Hagar in the Wilderness
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