Museum Section

The Museum Section’s task is to maintain, present and develop the Technical Students’ Museum, founded in 1958, and its operations.

Unlike other sections, the museum section accepts new members throughout the year for a 3-year term. If you want to get involved, there’s no need to wait.

There are things to do for people with all kinds of skills – build and tear down, clean up and make a mess, brainstorm new ideas and maintain old traditions. As long as you are enthusiastic, there are enough interesting and important things to do for everyone! At its best, the section combines a mature, laid-back atmosphere with the limitless enthusiasm of youth.

The section has around 30 members and is led by one or two curators. Museum section members meet regularly on museum Mondays, when they go through the museum’s events, learn new things, and maintain the museum’s exhibits and spaces. In plain English, this means cleaning and repairing.

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Guide pool

In addition to the section, an extremely committed group of volunteer guides also work at the museum, and you can join their ranks regardless of how many years you’ve studied or what you study.

It usually takes one academic term to become a guide, and you can begin training at the start of the academic year or whenever inspiration strikes. All language skills are a plus; presenting the museum in English has long been a routine part of acting as a guide.

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