Updated corona release: the Services Office is open only to movers and rental facilities will remain closed

AYY actively follows government releases and considers the health and well-being of its members, volunteers, associations, and employees in all its actions. The release will be updated when new measures are introduced.

Update 4th Feb: Rental facilities will remain closed until 7 March.
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Published on March 13th, updated on February 4th 2021


AYY follows the instructions of the Finnish Government, Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL), Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and Regional State Administrative Agencies to prevent infections. The release will be updated when new measures are introduced. AYY actively follows government releases and considers the health and well-being of its members, volunteers, associations, and employees in all its actions. AYY will start opening some of its operations in a controlled manner from 1 June onwards. The AYY Board will review the following decisions if there are any significant setbacks in the development of the epidemic situation.  


AYY's events

AYY follows the instructions of the Government in a state of emergency. The AYY Board has decided that as of 28 Aug 2020, public events will be organised only taking into account safe distances and hygiene practices instructed by Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and Regional State Administrative Agencies.

As of 30 Nov, we recommend that you avoid all unnecessary gatherings in the Aalto community and the common and public areas of AYY’s properties following the instructions of the authorities. As of 23 Nov 2020, AYY does not organize public events for more than 20 people or public events that have not been separately approved in a Board meeting. AYY recommends the use of face masks at public events and in all situations where it is not possible to avoid close contact. AYY does not recommend organizing private events for more than 10 people in accordance with HUS's recommendation.

During spring 2021, AYY will primarily only organise events that are safe in terms of their concept, location, scale and number of attendees and enable the event’s organisers and participants to adhere to the up-to-date instructions issued by the authorities.

At AYY’s events, situations will be avoided that make it challenging to maintain safe distances and good hand hygiene. Such events include, for example, events featuring plenty of alcohol, singing closely together or large crowds assembling indoors.

At AYY, an event’s format and organisation will be considered by its producer.

There will be changes in events:

  • The AYY10 Annual Ball will be held on 15 May 2021. The already made registrations to the Annual Ball will remain in place without any additional measures, but you can also get a refund for your tickets if you prefer. Registration will be reopened in early 2021. The events of the Anniversary Week will take place in May 2021.
  • Aalto Afterparty, Otasuunnistus, Poli & Dipoli Appro, Stadisuunnistus Orienteering, ISOsitsit, International Sitsit, Sitsit for Freshmen and Singing Competition Sitsit, Teekkari Tradition Celebration and Herring Breakfast, Lakinlaskijaiset Party at Dipoli, Hugo Gala, SuperSillis and Otaniemi Night of Arts will not be organised as physical events.

Read more on our release.


The most important recommendations of the authorities related to events organised in the Aalto community 

It is recommended that safe distances and hygiene practices specified by THL and OKM are followed. In all events, special attention should be paid to:  

  • Hand hygiene and enabling hand washing throughout the event  
  • Maintaining safe distances (1-2 metres) throughout the event by limiting the number of participants, for example  
  • Indoor events and maintaining hygiene throughout the event  
  • Crowded spaces and queuing situations  
  • Activities that increase the risk of droplet infection, such as singing together, shouting, group exercise  

In order to trace the chains of infection, there must be registration for each event, and participants should be instructed on how to act in the event of a possible infection.  Participants should be reminded not to participate in the event if they have any symptoms, and to consider those at risk.  If the safety guidelines issued by the authorities cannot be followed, we recommend that you will not organise the event.


AYY’s guidelines for events organised in the Aalto community 

These guidelines (updated on January 29th) include AYY’s instructions and recommendations for associations on how to organise events during COVID-19 epidemic. The guidelines complement the guidelines and recommendations of the authorities  and Aalto University, which the associations and students must follow. Security arrangements for events are always the responsibility of the organiser.


AYY’s visits and journeys 

Visits, trips and events set up with parties from outside of Aalto can be organised from 1 Aug 2020 onwards. It is recommended that the safe distances and hygiene practices instructed by THL and OKM are adhered to.


AYY’s Services Office 

New residents can pick up their keys on moving days, but otherwise AYY's service office is closed starting from November 30th.

Decisions regarding special arrangements and special opening hours are made by the services team. The opening hours will be announced on the contact page of the services office. You can ask about membership or rental facilities with this form. If you have questions about housing, you can contact us with this form.


Working at AYY office 

At AYY’s office, remote work is recommended.


AYY’s rental facilities 

All AYY’s rental facilities will be closed for now starting on 30 Nov.  In accordance with the coronavirus restrictions of the Helsinki metropolitan area, rental facilities will remain closed until 7 Mar. The matter will be readdressed no later than in week 8 as the coronavirus restrictions of the Helsinki metropolitan area are updated. The AYY Board will publish information on the use of rental facilities in week 9. Reservations for rental facilities will be cancelled by AYY until 7 March. 

The maximum number of users will bet set for these facilities according to the seat capacity of the facilities. As of 23 Nov 2020, it is prohibited to organise events for more than 20 people in all facilities. In many facilities, the specific number of users based on social distancing is less than 20.  

AYY has the right to cancel a reservation if there are plans to organise an event where the number of participants exceeds the maximum number of participants.  A sanction for violating the maximum number of users will be added to the user terms of these facilities. 

A message will be sent to those who have booked the facilities, asking them to report the number of participants and reminding them of safe distances and hygiene practices instructed by THL and OKM. 

Read the more specific instructions on the booking of AYY’s rental facilities: https://www.ayy.fi/en/ayys-facility-rental-instructions-have-been-updated
Read the more specific event safety guidelines for AYY’s associations: https://www.ayy.fi/en/organising-safe-events-guidelines-for-ayys-associations

Most of AYY’s rental facilities use a key code when there is no need to pick up the key from the office. The booker must check from the facility information whether they can use the door code available from the TILA system or whether they must separately agree on collecting the key from AYY’s office.     

Further information: [email protected]


AYY’s van and trailer 

As of 1 June 2020, AYY has accepted new reservations for the van and the trailer. A limited number of bookings are accepted per week in order to guarantee safe use and the delivery of keys within the limited opening hours of the Services Office.


AYY’s housing 

Residents’ personal reservations for saunas will continue on 1 Feb until further notice. Public sauna shifts are still cancelled until further notice.

We recommend that residents avoid the use of club rooms. 

The laundry rooms are available for residents and the intensified cleaning of facilities will continue.

Reimbursement of rent concerning apartments in which a coronavirus infection is detected will be handled on a case-by-case basis if the resident is at risk. Residents who are medically at-risk have the option of temporary removal on the basis of a medical certificate. 

Further information: Housing FAQ


Instructions for safe meetings

(for AYY’s volunteers, decided at AYY board meeting 14/2020)

  • You should not attend gatherings if you are ill or have any symptoms. Typical symptoms of COVID-19 may include fever, cough, dyspnea, muscle aches, fatigue, runny nose, nausea, or diarrhea.
  • Wash your hands actively 
  • Respect safe distances 
  • Physical gatherings in accordance with the Government regulations  
  • Please also consider how the person at risk can attend the gathering so that everyone has the opportunity to participate. 
  • After spending time in a large group, please avoid meeting persons at-risk groups, in particular, for at least a week.


Studies at Aalto

Aalto University announces measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus on Aalto’s website and Into. Please note, that Aalto University very highly recommends the use of face masks when indoors and working on campus only when unavoidable. On campus, it is possible to print, pick up books from the library and borrow materials. The services of study and career psychologists are available remotely.

Aalto has its own list of frequently asked questions, where you can find answers to study-related concerns. AYY also has a list of frequently asked questions about the effects of the state of emergency on a student’s daily life.


Protection against coronavirus

The Finnish Student Health Service  and the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare have published instructions and information on coronavirus. FSHS does not treat infectious diseases, so if symptoms occur, you should contact your own health centre. Aalto University has also compiled guidelines on its website. Coronavirus is transmitted through contact and droplet infection. You can prevent possible infections by taking care of good hand hygiene, coughing into your sleeve or handkerchief, and keeping a distance of at least 1.5 metres from other people. AYY would like to remind everyone that the precautions are very important in order to slow down the spread of coronavirus. This situation is certainly new and challenging for everyone, but together we will overcome this. 


Further information:

Elina Nieminen, Executive Director, tel.  050 520 9415

Milja Leinonen, Chair of the Board, tel. 040 0292280


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