The service office is only open on Wednesdays 17 Jan-30 Jan

In weeks number 3 and 4, the service office is only open on Wednesdays from 12noon to 3 p.m. due to the corona situation.
Opiskelija maskin kanssa Väreen edessä

Due to the worsening corona situation the service office is only open on Wednesdays from 12 to 3 p.m from 17 Jan - 30 Jan. However, the service office is normally available by phone and email.

The telephone service is open Monday to Thursday from 12 noon to 4 pm and on Fridays from 12 noon to 3 pm.
Housing: +358 50 520 9410
Membership and rental facilities: +358 50 520 9400

You can also send us an email:
Membership and rental facilities

Opening hours are updated asthe corona situation changes, and current opening hours can be found on the service office's website.

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AYY:n toimiston julkisivu
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Updated corona release: the covid situation gets worse - all AYY rental facilities to be closed until 31.1. and AYY does not organise indoor events

AYY actively follows government releases and considers the health and well-being of its members, volunteers, associations, and employees in all its actions. The release will be updated when new measures are introduced.
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Positions of trust and volunteers elected for 2022

This news will update with the individuals elected to positions of trust and volunteers for 2022 as the choices are confirmed.
Kaksi opiskelijaa istuu kasvomaskit naamallaan pöydän ääressä
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Announcement to the tenants: AYY cancels the common sauna shifts on its properties

In accordance with AVI's order, AYY cancels the common sauna shifts on its properties, as people typically stay with a larger group in them and not only with people that are living in the same household. Common Sauna slots will be canceled for the time being from 3 January 2022,at least to the date 17 January  2022.
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Reservation calendar for AYY’s rental premises opened until 7 Aug 2022

Bookings for AYY’s rental facilities can now be made until 7 Aug 2022.