Teekkarius and teekkari community celebrates its 147th anniversary with a travel around a world. Teekkaritraditionsweek with its side events offer a chance to take part in celebrations regardless of background of studies or class. 

Teekkaritraditionsweek is celebrated from 2nd November to 9th November. Most of the event are held on week 45, but head start is taken already on 2nd November with Klubi-ilta. Teekkaritraditionsweeks schedule consists of different kinds of events, of which Polin appro is perhaps most well-known. During the week one can get acquainted with e.g. teekkari song culture or secrets of sitsit (table parties). More information about teekkaritraditionsweek’s schedule and events you can find from https://www.teekkarius147.ayy.fi. Ther you can also find links to Facebook events as soon as these are published. These provide more accurate information about the events themselves.

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