Representative Council Elections

Electoral Alliances

The electoral alliances and candidates participating in the elections can be found below.

CHEM electoral alliance

Chemistry Guild, Forest Products Guild, Association of Process Engineering Students and the Guild of Materials and Metallurgy Students of Aalto University School of Chemical Technology form a common electoral alliance in AYY’s Representative Council elections in 2019.

Again, our familiar faces can be found under the name CHEM electoral alliance. Previously, our name was known as Prosessiteekkarit electoral alliance and even earlier the alliance was called ProTeekkarit. The current name serves as a unifying factor for all students in our school of Chemical Technology, which the electoral alliance mainly represents. By connecting students of the entire school into the same group of representatives, we can be better heard in decisions concerning the entire student union. In addition, CHEM electoral alliance is part of Jämerä Ratas electoral coalition. Our election coalition has a long tradition in the history of both TKY and AYY. You can run for candidacy in CHEM electoral coalition by 12noon on 2 Oct 2019. More information on CHEM representative council group can be found on the facebook site of the electoral alliance at


Kylterirengas is the representative council group of business students, the purpose of which is to build a student union serving the needs of its members. The most important task of our student union is to diversely represent all members, regardless of their language, background or place of study. Our university is a unique blend of different people from various countries and disciplines. Therefore, our student union should understand differences between the practices and structures of different subcultures in its actions, as well as allow different subcultures to be part of the Aalto community.

Each member should be able to feel part of the community. Our student union must be a place where every member feels comfortable. Housing is the most important service of our student union, but we must also remember our members outside housing services. At the same time, we need to ensure sustainable and transparent financial management, so that we can also provide services to future generations.

In addition, we must provide opportunities for students in different fields to meet outside school premises. We want our student union to offer open spaces both to volunteers and other members.


Luja is a representative council group mainly consisting of students in the Guild of Mechanical Engineers, which promotes its students’ interests in Aalto University Student Union AYY. One of the important goals of Luja is to get more young students interested in the student union affairs.

Individual issues also interest and concern those who are not actively involved in the activities of the Representative Council, therefore Luja’s goal is to get our interest group members to participate in discussion on issues that are addressed in the Representative Council as easily as possible. Luja’s goal is to achieve a stronger student union together.



LUOVA’s central value is a constructive and forward-looking attitude towards Aalto’s diverse student culture and university community. We at Luova are united by our interest and expertise in the built environment, real estate development and land use planning. We see student housing as AYY’s most important service, the development of which should be a top priority, especially in the upcoming years.

AYY should increase the amount of student housing in the Otaniemi campus area as much as possible and aim to provide conditions for the best student life in the world to more and more of its members. As a property developer, AYY should commit to the principles of sustainable construction, considering the emissions of its buildings throughout their life span. Luova’s aim is to work together to make Otaniemi the best university campus in the world to live, study and reside in.

Luova is not committed to any political ideology, everyone is welcome, especially people interested in campus development.

Pro Arte

Pro Arte is an electoral alliance of ARTS students that represents and brings the ARTS perspective to the Student Union’s Representative Council.

You can always follow AYY’s Representative Council meetings live here:

You can reach us on fb or by email: [email protected]



SCIsma is an electoral alliance that brings together the students of Aalto School of Science and aims to bring out the voice of all students it represents in an easily approachable manner. In the Representative Council, SCIsma promotes goal-oriented and constructive discussion on difficult topics, too. Although SCIsma does not usually require group discipline, our policy is to find a common view within the alliance first, which can then be promoted together.

As a school, SCI coordinates the University’s international bachelor programmes and receives a significant number of international students. SCIsma therefore helps to support the integration of international students into their own and other student community activities. The purpose is to create equal opportunities for international students to participate in activities and develop the activities in the future.

Opinions may be built on many perspectives but, above all, SCIsma looks like its members.

Vapaus Valita - Freedom to Choose

Vapaus Valita - Freedom to Choose is a multidiscliplinary group of likeminded students running for the AYY representative council. All the candidates of the Freedom to Choose electoral list subscribe to the values of internationality, responsibility and democracy. 

We welcome candidates from all backgrounds, regardless of their subject of study or mother tongue. Our main language of communication is English.

We believe that during the upcoming electoral term, AYY should focus it’s operations more and more on that which is actually used and valued by the Aalto student community, rather than pumping euros into services that no one uses.


Greener Aalto

Greener Aalto fights climate change and promotes equality in AYY and Aalto. All AYY members who agree on the principles of our election programme can become candidates for Greener Aalto, regardless of their field of study.

Most of AYY’s emissions come from the construction of student housing. Greener Aalto wants to minimize the emissions from the construction and life cycle of buildings. In addition, AYY should insist on increasing the amount of vegetarian food on campus and put pressure on the University to reduce its own emissions. The limits set by the planet must also be taken into account in teaching, because our current system is not on a sustainable footing. In addition, teaching should be developed to meet today’s challenges.

AYY should support equality in all activities. Subject organisations must have harassment contact persons and activities must be accessible to all. AYY should strive for transparency in its operations and dismantle discriminatory structures.

Check out our activities on our Facebook page: or contact our Election Manager Aleksanteri Paakkinen (@vihreampiaalto) [email protected]


Voltti is a traditional Representative Council group and electoral alliance of Aalto University’s Guild of Electrical Engineering, the Guild of Automation and Systems Technology and Inkubio. Voltti is a part of Jämerä Ratas, the electoral coalition of technology students. For Voltti, it is important to have a well-functioning Aalto community consisting of students from all fields. An important part of this is the spirit of technology students, which should be visible and audible in AYY.

Voltti’s goal is to make the voice of Voltti voters and the related subject organisations heard in the Student Union. In decision-making and preparation, Voltti hears and takes into account the voice of its voters and subject organisations, your voice.

In the Representative Council, we can influence issues that concern the entire community. Acting in the Representative Council is a concrete way to gain new perspectives on the Student Union and influence the Aalto community. It is interesting and rewarding to act in the Representative Council. We help new members to get started, so it is definitely worth to join us!

You can read more about Voltti at!


Våga (formerly Polytekarna) is a representative council group consisting mainly of Swedish-speaking representatives who promote topics that concern all Aalto students – Våga is not affiliated with any degree programme. Våga’s aim is to achieve a student union that reflects its members, where the members’ experiences are not dependent on their language or field of study.

For the first time, Våga has an electoral alliance with ProArte and their common goal is to achieve a more inclusive Aalto.

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