Summer apartments

In the summer, Aalto University Student Union often has empty apartments that can be rented out on fixed-term contracts between 1 May and 31 Aug. In the summer, the apartments can be offered to anyone if there are not enough applicants among AYY members.
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Which apartments are available in the summer?

In 2020, you can apply for summer housing with this form. Summer housing is available from 1 May to 31 Aug. Contracts are made for a fixed period of at least 2 months and are not renewable beyond their expiry date. Fixed-term contracts can neither be terminated before their expiry.

Summer housing only includes shared apartments (Teekkarikylä, Leppävaara, Vuosaari) and two-room and three-room apartments, mainly from eastern Helsinki. There are no studios available for summer housing, but it is also possible to live alone in two-room and three-room apartments. All apartments are unfurnished, so there are no beds or tables, for example. Shared apartments usually have a table and chairs in common facilities.

Please note that we cannot promise an apartment to anyone, and we can only offer an apartment for summer housing if AYY members are not in the queue for the apartment in question. We can neither estimate when you will receive an offer, so please keep an eye on your email for a possible offer. Offers will no longer be made in July, so please apply for summer housing by June at the latest.

Application instructions:

  • Fill out your summer housing application here.
  • If you wish, you can set up your Domo account so that we can provide you with an apartment faster. However, please do not fill out an actual housing application in Domo.
  • Wait for a possible offer.

The floor plans of the apartments and more detailed information on them and their rents are available in the Domo system.

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