Services for residents

AYY residents have the right to reserve parking spaces, as well as make sauna and laundry reservations. The use of laundry rooms is included in the apartment rent, but there is a separate monthly fee for sauna reservations and parking spaces.

Sauna reservations

Sauna reservations are made for a certain time for each week, which can be changed on a monthly basis. Sauna reservations must be made in the beginning of the previous month so that the maintenance services receive information on the heating of the sauna in advance. Available sauna reservations can be found at Domo. You can make a sauna reservation by using this form or visiting the AYY office.

Here you can see all the shifts every tenant in Teekkarikylä can participate in without an additional charge.

Parking spaces

AYY residents can book parking spaces near their homes. To inquire about the parking spaces, please contact us via this form or visit the AYY office. The rental price of a parking space will vary depending on a location, heating options and a possible carport. If a parking space is not available at the time of contact, you may queue for a parking space. The parking permit is not linked to a registration number.

Laundry rooms

Available laundry reservations can be found at Domo. The reservation is made through the same system. If you cannot find a laundry room to book, please contact housing services.

Rental facilities

AYY rents facilities, a van and a trailer. The rents are less expensive for AYY members than for those who are not members of AYY. Please note that it is advisable to make your reservation well in advance. Reservations are made in the TILA system.


AYY pakettiauto


Inquiries on free parking space

OK20 sauna

Sauna reservations

Inquiries on tenant sauna shifts


Rent a facility or van

AYY rents out sauna, sitsit, festive and meeting facilities and a van to its members at an affordable price. You can read about the facilities and rental terms in more detail on this site.

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