Services for residents

AYY residents have the right to reserve parking spaces, saunas and laundry rooms. The use of laundry rooms is included in the rent, but there is a monthly fee for sauna reservations and parking spaces. In many properties, storage units are also available for residents.

Laundry rooms

Available laundry slots can be found at Domo. Reservations are made through the same system. If you cannot find a laundry room to book, please contact housing services.

Sauna reservations

Saunas are booked through the Domo system. Each resident has four credits per calendar month. One credit equals one sauna slot (1 hour). Residents can have up to 4 valid reservations at the same time.

Reservations can be cancelled within one hour of making a reservation, after which the reservation cannot be cancelled. AYY Housing cannot cancel the sauna reservation on behalf of a resident, so please pay attention when making a reservation. Credits are reset every month, so you cannot collect them and save for another month, for example. The booking calendar opens one week at a time, up to a month in advance.

Please exit the sauna promptly at the end of your reservation to allow the next user to start their slot on time. Please consider the next users and keep the sauna tidy. Pets are not allowed in the dressing room or sauna.

Note: Residents of Servin Maija tie 1 and Servinkuja 2 can view available sauna slots at Domo and reserve a slot by contacting [email protected].

Storage units

Storage units are available in AYY’s residential properties for residents. Some properties have apartment-specific storage units, i.e. there is a sufficient number of units for all apartments. In some properties, there are not enough storage units for all residents. A separate agreement must be made for all storage units, regardless of whether a storage unit is apartment-specific or not.

  • There are no apartment-specific storage units at Haarniskatie, Kääpiöidenpolku, Arkadiankatu, Kaj Franckin katu, Otaranta, Rummunlyöjänkatu 1 and 3, and Jämeräntaival 1, 3, 5, 6 and 7. 
  • A separate lease must be made for all storage units, regardless of whether a storage unit is apartment-specific or not.
  • Tenants can lease a storage unit free of charge.
  • In apartment-specific storage units, residents may only use a unit corresponding to one’s apartment number - other storage units are reserved through AYY. With storage-related queries, please contact us via this form.
  • Residents must mark their storage unit in a manner approved by AYY, i.e. with a note saying, “this storage unit is used by a resident in 2021 (the year in question).”+ apartment number. AYY reserves the right to remove items left in the corridors of storage facilities and to empty any unmarked storage units.

The agreement is made with AYY’s property section. The agreement will be emailed to residents for signing. Residents must sign the agreement and return it immediately. Once the signed agreement has been submitted to AYY, the agreement on the use of a storage unit will enter into force. AYY offers a padlock for a storage unit reserved for a resident. The lock can be picked up from AYY's office during the time agreed with AYY’s property section. Please contact AYY’s property section directly with this form. They will check the availability of a storage unit and get in touch with you. When you receive an agreement for a storage unit, please remember to return it. A permission to use the storage unit only starts after returning the agreement.

Please note! When you move out, it is important to empty the storage unit, lock it, and return only the key to AYY's services office. Do not return the lock; leave it locked on the storage door. 

If you have questions about the storage unit agreement or other matters, please get in touch with this form.

Parking spaces

AYY residents can book parking spaces near their homes. To inquire about the parking spaces, please contact us via this form or visit the AYY office. The rental price of a parking space will vary depending on location, heating options and a possible carport. If a parking space is not available at the time of contact, you may queue for a parking space. The parking permit is not associated with any specific registration number.

Rental facilities

AYY rents facilities and a van. The rents are less expensive for AYY members than for non-members. Please note that it is advisable to make your reservation well in advance. Reservations are made in the TILA system.

AYY pakettiauto

Parking (external link)

Inquiries on free parking space

OK20 sauna

Sauna reservations (external link)

Inquiries on tenant sauna shifts


Rent facilities or van

AYY members can rent saunas, meeting rooms, event venues, and a van at a low cost. The facilities are located in Espoo and Helsinki.

Varastoja Miestentiellä

Storage spaces (external link)

With this form you can contact us on topics related to storage units.

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