Residents and Castle Wardens Have Influence

At AYY, residents can influence their comfort of living and develop housing as castle wardens, in house meetings, resident councils and the housing cooperative.
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Castle wardens and house meetings

Each AYY property has its own castle warden. A castle warden is a trustee elected by the residents who acts as a contact person between the residents and the Student Union. The duties of the castle warden include observing the condition of the building and answering residents’ questions about the building.

Castle wardens are chosen at annual house meetings in November and December. The term of office is a calendar year. We regularly organise meetings and recreational events for castle wardens and provide training at the start of their term. A monthly fee of EUR 90 is paid for the assignment and they can use a castle warden’s ribbon and badge as an academic symbol.

House meetings are held every year and all residents of the building are welcome. The agenda is distributed on the notice board of the building and as a bulletin to each apartment. A castle warden and a resident council are elected at the meeting. In addition, current housing development areas can be discussed.

Resident Council

House meetings can also appoint a resident council that can make proposals on living comfort, develop facilities and organise a variety of activities for residents. You can also forward development suggestions to AYY and receive help for implementing the proposals. Resident councils receive funding from the Student Union for joint furniture purchases and social evenings, for example. We can implement a variety of ideas, such as decorating communal areas, arranging social evenings for residents and having influence on common sauna shifts in the building.

The resident council may include 3-8 people and is chaired by the castle warden of the building.

Housing Cooperative ASY

The purpose of the housing cooperative is to develop AYY’s housing as a whole. The members of the cooperative develop the activities of castle wardens and they can influence the housing regulations if they wish to do so. In addition, the cooperative appoints its representatives to the Housing Committee and the Financial Committee.

In January, 6-10 castle wardens and 2-3 student union representatives will be elected to the housing cooperative.

Housing Committee

The Housing Committee processes housing-related applications and complaints from residents in matters addressed by the housing regulations. These include, for example, awarding extra scores for housing queues, postponing the removal date and extending the right of residence period. The committee meets monthly and consists of residents and AYY’s representatives. Read more on the Housing Committee site.

HOAS Delegation and Board

Students supervise the supreme decision-making power of the Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region (Hoas). Hoas owns and rents approximately 10,000 student apartments in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Members of the delegation influence the activities of the foundation at a policy level, while the Board guides the implementation of decisions and supports the management of the foundation in its work.

AYY elects its delegation representatives annually and the board representatives in alternate years. The representatives act as a link between the Student Union and the Foundation. The position requires an understanding of the Student Union’s housing policy goals and consideration of the issues addressed at the meetings. Experience in real estate field, financial affairs or housing policy is an advantage.

Members of the delegation and the chair

The members and chair of the delegation are elected for a two-year term. There are two meetings a year. AYY appoints four members and four deputies to the delegation, half of whom resign in alternate years.

One of the delegation members is elected as the chair. In addition to chairing meetings, the chair of the delegation has the right to attend and speak at the board meetings.


The Board of Hoas guides the operations of the Foundation at a more detailed level and supports the management of the Foundation in its work. A member’s term of office is two years. AYY appoints two of the board members, next for the term of 2020-2021.

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